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Gave up on run today


Hey all!

I’ve been doing juju’s magic plan and am now on week 7. I set out for my 55 min run today but gave up after 12 mins. I had pretty achey calves and a slight sore shins for the last couple of weeks when I’ve been running but have managed to run through it but gave up today.

I drink about 3.5 to 4 litres of water a day. I stretch everyday and do yoga everyday too. I also do CrossFit style training and strength training on the days off from running. I’ve been running for about a year now but a lot of that had been on the treadmill. I completed the couch to 5k twice now and they were both outside. I’m a very active person and have always been exercise mad.

Do you think my difficulty running at the moment could just be the heat in London?

Should I take a break for a week or so? I was thinking it might be because I’m still getting used to long distances?

Thank you x

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Great progress so far. You could be suffering as you say from a combination of heat and longer duration. Running is high impact and its maybe just going to take a wee while longer to settle into these new distances. Dont give up. Every run counts. Happy running 🤗

RunnellrunGraduate10 in reply to Grannyhugs

Thanks so much grannyhugs. I’ll try and take a few days off running and maybe just do other training x


Shins and calves sounds like the distance increase. Ease off a bit and add in extra rest days.

Whenever I increase distance or intensity something aches for a while.

I found calf compression sleeves to be a big help.

RunnellrunGraduate10 in reply to SlowLoris

Thanks SlowLoris. That’s good to know! I think I’ll wait till Friday until I run again and hopefully that will help x


You're doing really well Nellbeelax. Maybe as others have said add an extra rest day. Slow your pace for longer runs😱 I know that's easier said than done sometimes. Keep up the other exercise if you can to keep those muscles supple. It's trial and error til you find what works for you 😊

RunnellrunGraduate10 in reply to Allbarron

Thanks allbarron


I think you are doing brilliantly- don’t lose sight of your achievements. 😄

I have just made it to 60 mins recently with JuJu’s excellent plan. - I definitely found some days were just not the right time for a longer run & then another day would feel better. I usually went out with an open mind about which of the 3 runs of the week I was going to do. I also was relaxed about the idea of adding into the program an extra shorter run sometimes if necessary- a bit like the idea of “practice runs” during C25K . Some runs were a slog, others much better. Sometimes I gave myself 3days off running & cycled instead.

Running in heat finishes me off completely- I blame my Scottish genes! - But we all have off days for many reasons- you are in good company! 😄

RunnellrunGraduate10 in reply to Elfe5

Thanks Elfe5


Heat and even more do humidity are horrible as far as I am concerned, love running in shorts and running top rather than layers, but give me spring/autumn runs any day. We have had a run of very humid days and probably worse in cities so don’t beat yourself up, as others say slow down or extra rest days, you won’t go backwards as far as fitness go , but you will feel better for dialing back a bit if you need a break.

RunnellrunGraduate10 in reply to Setters

Hope so! Thanks Setters

Same happened to me today. For the first time ever I stopped running after a very short while, walked for a bit, then carried on but it was a struggle. Only managed to run for about 30 mins all told - at my slowest pace ever. I can't even claim heat! I live on the coast and there's always a bit of a breeze, or at least fresh air. I hope you get going again, but do rest up if you're achey.


Oh no! But at least you managed 30 mins! I always run slow! It’s the best way. No use running fast unless you’re being chased x


Hello Nell,

Heat is extra tough. If you have a watch which shows pace and heartrate, you'll probably find that for a given pace your heart rate is higher on hot and humid days as you try to stay cool. I would say slow down a bit and take an extra rest day or two. Its no fun running with aching bits and bobs!


I thought I would let you all know since you were so supportive! I went out on my run today after 3 days off and managed to do 60 mins!! I was very very slow but no aches to speak of and had so much more left in the tank!

Thank you for all the advice and support! X

Foxglove260minGraduate in reply to Runnellrun

Great thread, thank you. Exactly the same happened to me today. I think it was probably because I got very dehydrated in yesterday's extreme heat

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