There was on old lady who swallowed a fly!

There was on old lady who swallowed a fly!

Lovely weather today for a run.  However, my usual running and breathing through my mouth backfired big time - breathed in a fly - yukkkky!  Have actually enjoyed running across the winter but rising temperatures, grass cutting, flies, bees, butterflies - need to breathe through my nose from now on - or maybe I will stick to early morning or evening runs 😳 Julie 

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  • Oh I know! It' s a jungle out there. It's only April and we're being eaten alive. I got a bite on my forehead and my leg (through my tights) Tut.  It reminded me that I need to break out the sun tan lotion (ok I jumped the gun a bit there) and the fly spray 

    I ran this evening though and it was balmy. It felt cold at first. Mind you I kept my jacket on throughout as I was having a slow jog

  • Eww. I am a mouth breather too, and I have been chomping on a few on the warmer evenings (gross). I even had a huge (well felt huge) fly fly into my eye. It got stuck and was stinging, my eye was watering like crazy. 

    Perhaps I need to be wearing goggles :)

  • That's one of the rites of passage..I've done it, really horrible! In fact I nearly inhaled it.

  • Haha! Nearly missed this one Julie! Very funny pic, but yuck - I hate the flies in the summer!😬

  • They are horrible.  I know they are all there for a reason. but - just yuk.  I was running through clouds of midgy things the other day - they weren't biters but because I was so sweaty they were sticking to me!  Ewww!!!

  • There was a young lady, she swallowed a fly... it made her run faster... and now we know why!!!!

    Well done you! Love the idea of 'rising temperatures' Sigh ! :)

  • Free extra protein 😁

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