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Changing perceptions

Last summer if I had been asked what constituted an easy 5k, I would have pointed to the car keys!

Tonight my 10k training plan called for an easy 5k. It seems that now my perception of easy is anything that doesn't leave me gasping and feeling like I need an ambulance. 

Consequently my easy run became a PB - 5k in 33.42 - Flippin fantastic...

Feeling happy tonight!

Happy running everyone! xx

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Well done!  ☺

 Just go steady !   Chasing times is dangerous on new running legs!   Take your time.  The road to 10k can be the most rewarding running you'll do but don't blow it.  The last thing you need is an injury.

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Great going! Keep it up!😊

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Great run well done but as misswobble says reign in those horses a tad, build up and progress gradually and injury free 

You will crack that 10k  no problem 

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