7k club run, Spring has sprung!

7k club run, Spring has sprung!

Enjoyed the club run yesterday in the lovely sunshine, even with the hill's involved, apart from feeling slightly nausea's with an irritated upset stomach after exertion ascending the first hill, thinking I may be dehydrated, and will have to up the water, so, looking at the photo Spring has definitely sprung!lol😊

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  • Nice photo!

  • Lovely picture Dave!🙂

  • Oh aye keep your fluid levels up, especially now the weather is warming up (she said hopefully)

    Lovely photo! Full of the joys of spring there, and why not!  Wahay!

  • Great pic :)

  • It has and don't you look great.... ? Love the top!

    Drink the water... that will sort it...avoid the hills... :) As if we could!!! :)

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