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For those doing 5x50 this year

We have been having a little chat and thought the push yourself forum might be a good place to chat about 5x50. I know it's an extra forum to be part of but we can put daily updates on it and keep each other motivated. Here is the link to the forum.

Also anyone else who wants to work on squats, Stregnth and core it's a great place to get motivation.  

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I am guessing it is for anyone doing 5k fifty times,mwhatever a great idea!  Something to aim for, will look it up as I still do 5k X 2 times a week plus a long run!


I've opted for the 30min a day option as I'm hoping to work on my squats, sit-ups and push-ups with a lot of stretching and I think doing 30 min a day of either of those or running,swimming or walking will fit in perfectly for me.  


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