Weekly run chat 5th to the 11th of June

Hi everybody,

Please feel free to share your runs here and chat about how it's all going,

Sometimes we don't feel like putting a whole post up but just want to share something small, so this is a great place for doing that during the week.

If youre a lurker it is a great place to say a little hi without the pressure of a full post.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy week,

Juju, RFC and Pops

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  • Hi Juju

    Just feeling a tad flat currently, not sure why...but I started the last week of my 10K revisited plan yesterday... a tad behind, as the back issue a week or so ago halted progress.

    Not sure whether the plan will have improved the way I run a 10K, in style... or even speed... but, inspired by davelinks have signed up for a 10K Virtual run to be completed in June....( I already signed up for a 5K in August) . So we shall see :)

  • Go get that 10k bling Floss! Great decision and good luck x

  • It will be interesting to see how the 10K feels, after this plan... I feel as if it has made a difference to my running anyway.... :)

  • That sounds really exciting, and huge well done in your progress 😎

  • PS

    Happy Running everyone,, whatever you are up to :)

  • Looking forward to hearing how your 10k goes.

  • I' m managing two to three runs a week whilst away so im happy with that. Also a lot of walking and some swimming so hopefully will keep steady until we get home late June. I am running a virtual 5k for Kidney research August, with Oldfloss and i think davelinks too.

    I want to keep my 10k going so i will need to focus on that as soon as I get home.

  • That run is going to be fun :)

  • That sounds perfect, well done!!

  • Did a 10k proving run along the Middlewood Way to gauge my progress in prep for an upcoming 10k in a couple of weeks and prove to myself I can do the distance. Did it in a time of 1:08:38 on Strava done at a comfortable pace, so happy about that.

  • Brilliant, well done 😎

  • I am on a rest until Thursday after yesterday's 10k event. Still have a head cold and probably more congested with snot after yesterday's run! My legs are feeling a little sore probably after not doing effective stretching yesterday but they are not bad. An easy 3 mile jog on thursday for me.

  • A rest sounds like a very good plan indeed 😎

  • I've got a change to my routine this month. Tuesday evenings are going to be taken up with college stuff for all of June so no speed training/track sessions at running club til July. Will stick to the thurs running club long run and sat parkrun/sun solo run routine. Then either mon eve/wed a.m. run to make it 3x/per week. Just hoping the routine will stay in place overall with all the extra stuff I've got on...

  • That sounds very busy indeed!!!

  • Yep in fact there was no run at all in the end, nothing since sunday. Looks like this week will just be a thurs + sat/sun run week, so 2 runs. But I'm feeling a bit tired so am thinking maybe I should just listen to my body and take it easy during my busy month :)

  • I'm going to play it by ear on holiday. I would still like to get out at least three times a week, which looks doable, and try to get 5ks in. It would be nice to do a longer run now and then, and I've found a longish round route which could be good. I may actually end up streaking, after my run yesterday one of our friends wanted to go out for a short 20min this morning, so I accompanied him and we were very slow. Tomorrow I will go longer and faster on my own. That's then a 3 day streak.

  • That sounds like a great plan.

  • Flapping and packing this week for next week's trip, so may not get much running done. I've decided I have to do something to improve my core strength, so when I come back I think I may take up horse riding again :O That will strengthen all sorts of things - until I fall off splat :D

  • Hope you have a good trip away Anniemurph :)

  • Thank you! Not sure if I will take my kit - I've just googlemapped where I'll be staying and it doesn't look promising :(

  • Didn't run for two weeks (had a cold and then was abroad) and ran a 5K Race for life yesterday, it was so hard and I am feeling broken today. I only have energy to go from sofa to toilet and back...

  • Tuesday's run didn't happen, then Wednesday I was feeling a bit grotty - touch of cold - so I decided I'd take the week off running, I hadn't been sleeping too well either so I was feeling a bit run down. Feeling a bit better on Thursday, I thought I'd go for an evening run - should I do the planned run? Why not, I thought, and so a 3.2km interval and 1.6km interval later, I made it home in 55 minutes or so for 7.7km.

    Dafty that I am, I then decided to have a go at the other weekly run as well, the following day! This time 2x1.6km with a faster 1km interval in between, knackered by the end of it though! So a nice easier day yesterday, and then tonight I've done the "easy" 6.3km run in a shade under 46 minutes - including going up and over the fields, about 100m up and down apparently over the whole run. An easier week next week in some ways as the first run is Endomondo's 12 minute test - so a 5 minute warmup, run as far as you can in 12 minutes, then 5 minute cooldown - I'm actually wondering if I can do 2km!

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