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first 10K

Well I ran my first 10K on March 15, but have yet to re-run the same distance, and kind of view that one as a bit of a "cheat" - I started off running with the dog and my running marathon-man boyf, then got back to my road and boyf went off to finish his run "properly", I ran to my front door, dropped dog back home, paused my "strava counter" and then resumed, running the extra 500m to bring my total up to 10K.  I only took running up in November 2015 having sworn off it due to bad experiences at school with bullish sports teachers (I was more of a dancer!).  But I ran my first 5K around Xmas 2015, first park run on 2nd Jan (Swindon in case anyone else goes there!) and two months later 10K.  I have heard it tell that the first 5K are the hardest and I must admit it's around 5K that I get into some sort of stride. My average pace is around 7-8 min per k, I have run a tad faster in company of others but that pace feels ok right now.  My next goal is to attempt the Dauntsey 10K! 

Anyone else in this area planning likewise?

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We all did our first 10k "by accident"!  I went out to run 5k and as it was a flat track round a lake, I just kept plodding bit by bit.  Once I got to 7, I thought that as I was still alive, breathing and uninjured, I would just keep on moving!  Reached 10k which surprised me.  I think once you have broken a barrier like doing a 5k and then a 5.5k, you can do it again.  I run three times a week: 2 X 5k and one long run.  Did 15k today and my legs are creaky but two rest days and will C how it goes, maybe a 5k on Tuesday next


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