First 10k event

Hi folks, 

I'm going to be completing my first 10k in 2 weeks. My latest run was 8.5k and I'm hoping to build up to the 10k in 2 weeks. It's the Cheshire 10k which is known as a 'fast' race as it's quite flat. I'm obviously not racing but doing it for myself, my routes always include hills and bridges due to my location. Would anybody know if completion at approx. 1hr 8mins would be deemed as too slow?


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  • That would be a fab time Lina! You can check the times from previous years to give yourself some confidence, but don't fret. You'll probably be faster than you think because it's race conditions. How exciting! Your first 10K. Make sure you post afterwards and the best of luck.

  • Thank you, good idea to check previous results. I have done and hopefully I won't be alone at the back!!! Will let you know how I get on. Thanks :-)

  • You'll be fine, don't worry.  You run your race and have fun.  There will be folks there of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. Everyone is there to have a good time and the atmos will be great. You'll love it. It's exciting, and if it's a fast course, there will be a buzz as folks will be expecting PB's.  If you are used to running hills then you will find the flat easier. You might surprise yourself and get a PB.  The other runners help pull you round.  It will seem to be over very quickly as you take in all the sights and sounds. It all passes in a blur sometimes

    Have a great time and good luck!

  • I am looking forward to it to he honest. I asked a couple of running buddies but they're on hols so I've decided to do it alone. Husband n kiddies are coming to support me so at least I'll have somebody to be uber excited with when I complete!!! See you on the 'other' side!! 

  • It's good if you have some loud, cheery supporters to spur you on. Get as many as possible and space them out on the route.  Also get a photo or little movie clip of you at the finish line, as that's real fun to look back on. 

    Good luck!

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