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Second run of Bridge to 10K

I finished my 2nd Run of Day 2 and am absolutely delighted with myself. I didn't walk for the minute when it told me to as I was worried I wouldn't get started again, so in actual fact, I ran for 43mins. Yippee. Cant believe it. I have always been fit, going to the gym three times a week but NEVER been a RUNNER. I am a lady of 68 and am over the moon with myself.

Just a bit of advice please all you experienced runners.

I thought I might go back to Couch to 5K+ for a bit of a change next week but, having had a listen to good old Laura today as to what I would be doing, she is talking so quickly, you couldn't even run on the spot to that pace and that is just the walking section.

I thought it might be a glitch on my iPhone, so switched off and on again but no change.

Thanks for everyone's encouragement, it makes all the difference to a newbie.

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If you are using the podcasts I would suggest you look at the screen very carefully and make sure it is playing at x1 as there is an option to increase the speed at which the podcasts play (x1.5, x2 etc)

Hope that helps


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Brilliant - all sorted. Thank you so much.


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