Weather forecast obsession?

Since I started running, I have become very interested in the good old British weather, watching the forecasts and planning what time of day will best keep me dry! So far so good, have managed to dodge the rain clouds well, mud and puddles not so well! Recovering from a horrid bug, today is a 5k run day. Managed to run on Monday, so back on track!

Today though, got up early, running gear laid out and expecting to run before a pretty busy day but the rain is lashing down and with this cold just going, can't risk it! Weather forecast says "rain, rain and more rain!" Might have a chance this evening at dinner time so instead of a grass morning run, evening path run - grr. Weather 1, Julie 0 this time.

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  • That's a right pain when you're all geared up for a run but, as you say, best wait if you're still battling a cold. Hope it is more inviting later on.

  • Left it until 4 pm. Lots of flooding here so sadly kept off the soft ground but 2 rest days for my legs to recover. Another run under my belt, a bit like a pilot clocking up flying miles, one run stronger!

  • Your doing the right thing even if that little voice is having a shout at you. My BBC weather app is one of my most used apps on my phone. I sit at the beginning of the week with it and go through the best running days then tell everyone my plans. It is quite accurate mainly. I know they can't be 100%.

  • Aha! My other passion, apart from running, is gardening so I have always had an obsession with the weather! But it's foul at the minute and if you're not feeling 100% then you're making the right decision Joolie.

  • Managed a cheeky tea time run, dry and enjoyed it - tee hee, beat the weather, this time!!

  • I also watch the weather forecast for running, am hoping to run with a friend this week, and weather looking better for us tomorrow.. I also try and avoid rain, don't mind if it drizzle's while I'm out, but don't want a big soaking, gets on the glasses and ruins the hair if haven't got a hat/hood! lol😀

  • I've never run when it's lashing it down (at least not recently) but have walked often enough. And have often been caught in heavy showers. I usually have a peaked cap tucked into a pocket for such occasions. It keeps my glasses dry and stops me getting too wet. Will have to rethink when it gets warmer and I don't need a jacket with pockets.

    But very sensible not running when you're still under the weather (no pun intended!). It's great that you're feeling better and can start to finally get out😎

  • I was so glad today that I hadn't planned a run - not sure where you are, but here in the Midlands it was absolutely vile! Standing at a bus stop for 20 minutes in the rain and cold this morning was more than enough.

    I am also glued to the weather forecast. I want to start cycling to work again once or twice a week, but won't do it when it's wet (I'll take my chance in the afternoon on the way home, but not in the morning!) and prefer not to cycle if I am planning to run at lunch time or when I get home (the route home is mainly uphill and a bit tough on my thighs), so it's like a jigsaw to get weather, running and cycling to fit together and I really need better weather :-)

  • Terrible here in Northamptonshire, had to drive through deep puddles but by tea time, fine!! Where r u West Midland neighbours LOL!

  • I'm obsessed with the weather forecast too :)

  • I am obsessed with it too - the shipping forecast in particular! Not that much for running ( I am not running anyway) but but to know if I have to start building an Ark ;)

  • Move to Chile every day is dry!! Well nearly last year it was VERY wet - we had something like 15-18 days of rain!! I agree not good plan running in cold wet conditions after just recovering from a bug. Health first!!!

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