Wrong Forecast, Mr BBC

Wrong Forecast, Mr BBC

After 10K in the rain l was drenched but it was meant to be overcast and dry. Didn't have a spare shirt so my car felt as if it's driven a wet old dog.

On the plus side, l like rain (l like any weather, actually) and running wet is great. For that run l downloaded one of Ry Cooder gigs so can't complain.

Still, the smell in the car lingers on....

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  • Ry Cooder.... ooooh, it's been a long time since I've listened to him, but he's great. Must get that onto my running phone!

    Glad it was enjoyable despite the rain. I find that rain is ok (if there's no way to avoid it) as long as it's not too cold at the same time. This time of the year it's normally fine, but give it a few months, and I'll happily jump through quite a few hoops to avoid running in it.

  • I was listening to Ry the other day actually. He is mesmerising. My mate went to see him once, here in the UK Wish I had

    I keep a pair of bath sheets draped over my car seats as sweat stains the car seats and it doesn't seem to come off! Oops

    I run in the rain, even heavy rain, and I don't mind it at all as long as it's not cold. Cold and wet is a whole different ball game. shudder

  • Cold and wet is a sure killer. I abandoned a run last December when l realised that the rain is actually freezing, it wiped off all the fun and introduced the fear of pneumonia. Oh well.

    As for Mr Cooder, l had the privilege of seeing him in concert and a mate was one of engineers during his studio session. He doesn't run though ;)

  • I love rain....running in it is such a liberating feeling! Ry cooder? I’ll have a look....

  • I’ve not listened to Ry Cooder in many years. I had a CD with Ry and Ali Farka Toure which was great. I like the rain too but also not so much the cold rain.

  • I hate running in the rain :( I have learned that I don't melt, however, so I do it. My car now has towels in it for situations like yours.

    Looking at the responses here, I'm ashamed to confess I don't think I've ever heard Ry Cooder.

  • Never too late ;)

  • Guitarists guitarist

    His playing is sommat else

  • Oh yes, vintage gear. He makes my running resemble the one of a young gazelle.

  • Love it!!! Wet dog driving... happy man running! :)

  • I was listening to Crazy Horse today and admiring the steel guitar playing

    Of course it was the man himself, Ry Cooder πŸ˜ƒ The guy pictured is Danny Whitten

    I was listening to it with a view to downloading it but it's a bit slow

  • Oh, you should. I do all my longer runs with stuff similar to that, mostly. My idea is not to run to the beat, and instead just enjoy the surroundings and use music as an overall vibe. If you get the right mix of running location and mad music, you always remember that day :)

  • I often do so. It's lovely. I'm trying to hurry up a bit though for my marathon training. Well I was til the wheel came off in Monday

  • Oh no! Not IC?

  • Yup. I am off for done rehab by walking my neighbour's dog. Trouble is he goes out the traps like a greyhound. I have to brace myself or run like mad to avoid the snatch

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