Long run day - excited!

Long run day - excited!

I have had a bit of a niggly knee but after rest and soft ground running, (photo of the results) all is well. Managed a 10k last week and want to do that again this week (unless I feel fantastic and push it up to 11)! I like to see how it goes. Always excited about my long run, until I start, then remember it is hard and then get into it and come home buzzing! I really do hate rest days and spend most of them reading about running, using the forum, planning my next run and thinking about new places to run!

Can't understand why so many people feel they need to say to me I should stop running because "it is bad for my knees"! Happened only yesterday again! I feel great and my physical and mental health better than ever since I started running and I am 52! Julie

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  • I get such a buzz too, when I have a long run Julie. Hope its a good 'un!☺

  • They're all jealous. You probably make them feel guilty. Even if it knackers our knees we'll have had fun doing it - better than getting a knackered back from lying on the couch all day, knackered knees from carrying around all that extra weight and a knackered cardiovascular system because it never gets used.

  • Funny! If I die on a run, it will be with a smile on my face! I've said I want to be buried in my running gear! I have just been running for about 9 months now but the sense of achievement has been amazing. I feel great about myself and I am having so much fun, no regrets πŸ˜€

  • Enjoy you long run Julie :) I'm sure your knee niggles can be fixed through some strength training or similar on your non-running days :)

  • Well done !!!! Great that you're enjoying your running. That's what it's all about. That and getting fit and healthy at the same time, and improving your mood, happiness levels etc etc. It's all good!

    I have those socks! They are a bit hot though I find, so I save em for snowy runs

  • My feet need looking after LOL! I feel the cold, so wear running socks all the time. Didn't manage running in snow here in the Midlands, it made an appearance but had melted by the time I went out πŸ˜€

  • You might not have to wait long before we get some. We usually get some about this time of year don't we. Yak Trax at the ready.

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