Increasing the chances I will run

Increasing the chances I will run

I have run three times a week since doing C25K and then as a graduate (except for one weeks rest because of shin pains)! I thin having a mental commitment to three times a week has helped me and running is now part of my routine. The other thin that helps is to get my running gear out ready the night before! Also getting dressed into my running clothes means I won't not run after all that effort. On running rest days, reading about running and using the forum keeps up my excitement about my next time out. What do you do to keep up your enthusiasm and commitment?

For me, lone running is best so booking an event, joining a running club etc just don't work!

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  • I am with you on all counts....:)

    Three times a week... even in the French heat :) and even here, my kit is laid out ready, the night before, at one end of the tin-tent...:)

    Plus, steadily progressing, trying out new things, reading, as you say everyone's adventures in running...feeling fine and simply loving it!!!

    Thanks youx

  • I have battled through a blip since graduating, got up to a 15k, then my calves played me up. Only just now feel a consistent running 5k is in the bag and anything more, I turn into a run walk but covered 10k today - 5 running, plus a 5 mostly running with a few walk breaks

  • Wow.... Brilliant...:)

  • I'm a solo runner, like you. I do Laura's strength and flexibility podcasts in between running days to improve my core strength. I've also been doing some planks to try and target my spare tyre - I don't know why I carry it around, it's not as if I'll get a puncture or anything ;-)

  • My spare tyre is supported by my bad eating habits, good job I run!

  • Instead of running 3 times per week - try running on alternate days . That increases your volume by 16% over two weeks instantly without increasing any particular day.

  • Don't tempt me! Do u think I could? I want to do a running streak in January 2017 too. My legs are still recovering from a calf niggle so will make sure I do 2 X 5 plus a 10k this week and might try it

  • It simply means that you no longer have a 2 day rest. I am certain that you have reached a point where a daily rest is more than enough for you. The only thing with it is that you have to be just a little more organised with your planning as it does mean that your hard workout days will occur on different days each week. So if you are only currently doing 1 hard workout day per week ( your longrun day) on a particular day each week, then the alternate days training will shift it around o a different day each week..

    Having said all this - I USED to train on alternate days and found it to be very good for me - however joining a club which runs on Sunday and also running on Saturday at parkrun turns me upside down just a little. Running two days in a row is no real problem - but I will shortly be attempting to run 5 days per week so programming becomes just a little more difficult. I like to have a days rest on Friday (before the two days running over the weekend) and also on Monday (after the two days) but this means I have to run on 3 consecutive days during the week. But they can be "easy/hard/easy" while the two weekend days are "hard/moderate" (but with a rest day on either side)

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