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first interval run with Coach Bennet


Love this guy!! He's so motivational and honestly I was so happy running this morning! After my last long run where my body was not having it, I was feeling a bit down about my running abilities; so I wanted my shortest run of the week to be fun. I looked through Nike Run Club and had heard such great things about coach bennet that I decided to play one of the beginning runs "first interval run".

It was so good!! Warm up of 5 minutes jogging; then stretching before 8x1 minutes at a fast pace; with 1 minute rest in-between. The app unfortunately had a setting which caused it to automatically pause when you stopped which took me half of the run to realise but even so I really enjoyed it! It was a very short run at just 3km; but I still felt like I'd done such a proper workout.

I'm also now feeling better about trying the long run again next week :)

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That's great! It's amazing how much of a positive effect a good run can have 😃 I'm really warming to NRC, I must admit. I'll give their interval run a go next 👍 good luck with your long run!

a_in_gsrGraduate10 in reply to Beatlesforever

yes true :) it was my first run with nrc but yes I really enjoyed it! and thank you


Coach Bennett is awesome! One of the first runs I did with him was "Just a Run" and it was really good too! I will have to try the First Interval Run next!

a_in_gsrGraduate10 in reply to Catwise

ahhh nice!! yes I loved having the motivation! The First Interval Run is 'odd' a little bit at least for me because in the recoveries you literally stop moving! But then you go put more effort into the intervals so I suppose it makes sense :)


Coach Bennett is great 👍 I’ve never tried an interval run, might give that one a go 🤔

a_in_gsrGraduate10 in reply to Couchphoenix

yess!! I would give it a go if you're looking to do something different :)

Go for it! Did the Run with Mo this morning and was sweating buckets. But I ended with a huge smile on my face!

CouchphoenixGraduate10 in reply to sofaspud

I was looking at that one, I’ve downloaded it so I think I’ll do that one next

Hope it goes/ went well! Looking forward to hearing about it!


Totally unrelated to your post, whenever I see your name I read it as a......... in the Great South Run. Is that a hope/prediction, or does it mean something completely different? I highly recommended the 10 mile run in Portsmouth.

a_in_gsrGraduate10 in reply to Dexy5

ahhh it’s totally unrelated!! but I would love to do it; so let’s hope it’s also a prediction ;)


Intervals can be lots of fun and there's lots of options on NRC for when you want to mix it up. Enjoy 😀

a_in_gsrGraduate10 in reply to Mum22boys

yes definitely! I think doing something different sometimes is helpful to stop feeling monotonous:)

I too am hooked to (dépendent in??) the NRC guided runs. Did the Run with Mo interval run this morning and it was fantastic.

a_in_gsrGraduate10 in reply to sofaspud

ahhh there are worse things to be hooked on ;) I also really enjoy these guided runs!

sofaspud in reply to a_in_gsr

The only issue is that I was looking to buy a fancy Garmin watch but realized that I’d still be taking my phone with me as I so love Coach Bennett...

Well done you! Oh...


You are out. You are doing. You are achieving so a big well done. I too love Coach Bennett. I enjoyed all his runs up to HM. You can alter the auto pause in the settings 😊

Remember, nice and steady in the long run. This will really help you.

a_in_gsrGraduate10 in reply to GTFC

thank you!!

all the way to the HM? wow thats amazing! and yes going slow is definitely important - if not I burn out :)

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