Long run this week, we will see!!

Managed 3 X 5k last week even though I wanted to do a long run, held myself back and after 2 rest days, my knees feel strong. Running on grass is a challenge right now because of the rain and mud but will try to find somewhere for a 5k tomorrow and then again Wednesday. Would dearly love to do a 10k on Friday, itching to get back on track. Anyone else struggled to keep their legs in good shape and did resting do the trick??

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  • Hi joolie, I had a niggly right lower calf for a bit and a rest seems to have helped, along with easing up on long runs! Hope to start stretching them out again soon. (the runs that is!) Good luck.

  • I do find when I have two days rest instead of one, I am better and can usually do a longer run, but then I am still a novice at running and haven't reach the 10K yet.

  • Bless u! I tried a 10k plan and failed so did my own thing, kept doing 5ks and one day kept running to 5.5, another time I did a 6, then a 7! Just waited until I felt good and added distance, have done a few 10k and an 11k and even a 13 k but then gammy leg

  • I do notice it after a longer run but currently onky up to 8k+

    Usually a good stretch and a shorter recovery run a day later sorts them :) but then again my legs could be older than yours lol

  • My toffee legs are 52! Trying to keep healthy and enjoy running and once the distance goes up, more fun available!!

  • Always a struggle and I have battled with my Achilles too. I find foam rolling really helps too...

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