Compression Socks ???

Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice, before I take the plunge and buy some compression socks. I graduated C25K in September, and have gradually built up in speed, but not particularly distance. I have still only managed around 6K. However I have had a niggley twinge around my ankle and lower leg for the past few weeks, so have just done a little bit here and there, and otherwise rested and done some aerobics. I'm going to see my GP, but as you guys all know, because the waiting time is quite long for appointments, I'm thinking inbetween about self help remedies etc. I thought of maybe an ankle support, but also someone suggested buying compression socks. Should I give them a go, and which do you guys suggest are good ?? Any advice would be gratefully received. I volunteered at Parkrun yesterday, which was a great experience, but really want to get back out to a steady routine of 3 runs a week again. Happy running everyone x

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  • I use Badger rub for niggles. I also have aldi compression socks which are fab - really support the calves. I'd listen to your body though and take it steady. I think I'd avoid wearing a support until I'd seen the doctor. The one time I had an ankle problem I think it was because I'd not been stretching for long enough. Hope it gets sorted

  • I find my new compression run tights better than the socks. I got some for Crimble and they're really snug round the lower legs. The Sportsdirect Karrimor compression socks are good, and they won't break the bank, but I think my tights are more snug. They are from Amazon, the TCA pro Performance. I think they're only £13.99, which is not bad. Some socks are more than that.

    Whether they actually benefit our legs is hard to say.

  • Do the tights have a compression effect on the thighs as well or just the lower leg? That's a good price so I may try them out. (And I wasn't going to spend any more money....)

    I wore my compression socks for the winter run yesterday and my calves are not too bad today. I have a pair of expensive ones (2xu) that I got free with a mag subscription. I like the Aldi ones too (slightly less tight); the sd ones are nice around the foot but a bit too long for me.

  • I don't run in compression socks but I always put them on after an event or runs over 14km. I have aldi long compression socks and I find it does help with the recovery.

  • My compression tights don't seem to compress the upper leg so much as the lower leg. Whether that's by design I couldn't say. They feel great actually. Very pleased with them

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