Close encounters of a "foxy" kind...can I call this a fartlek?!

Bit of a strange run today๐Ÿ˜ฎ. Went out a little undecided on whether to do a 5k or longer run as my right calf has been a bit achey of late. Ended up doing a slow run of about 5.5k and then brought it down to a run/walk as I headed back along the old railway line towards home. As I looked ahead I saw what I thought was a brown dog, cross the track and go in to the field on my right. (Funny, it seemed to be on its own) Within seconds there began what I can only describe as blood curdling animal cries and screams coming from the field amongst the trees! As I looked across into the field I then realised it had been a fox and watched as it paced around amongst a small spinny of trees and then turned and reappeared up on the railway line, crossing not far in front of me. As I jogged past I turned, expecting to see it disappear off into the woods to my left ...but no, dear old Reynard the fox had turned again and was now back up on the track 'following' ME! Despite fleetingly reminding myself how much I love foxes and often see them on early or late runs (this was late morning!), I was slightly disconcerted when on looking back once more, he was still there, trotting determinedly behind me! Before I could really think about it anymore I put on a rather unplanned (and quite impressive) burst of speed! The next time I looked back, dear Mr Fox had gone and of course I knew he was just going about his own business and not chasing me at all......?! ๐Ÿ˜‰ So, there we are - "a nice gentle run along the railway line.".Tick! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  • That's such a great post---I loved hearing about the fox.!

    He was obviously cheering you on :)

    I have heard their sounds before---you described them exactly. It is blood curdling.

    Was it early in the morning? I think they cry out to see if other foxes are in the area.

  • That's what was odd - it was 11.30am! Yes, perhaps he was just encouraging me!โ˜บ

  • I was coming home from a long run the other day approaching an underpass. I was a bit shocked to see what I at first thought was a dog running under the road and straight at me. Fortunately it 'jinked' to one side and ran off into the woods, and the side view made it obvious what it was. I breathed a huge sigh of relief and headed off down a different route across the road.

  • Well done Sandra! certainly sounds like a fartlek to me! bit spooky to get stalked by one! We get them shrieking outside at night quite often! George dog sometimes sees them and you've never seen a dog walk so fast! luckily hes on his lead on the estate by us, otherwise i think he would be gone for some time! :X

  • Ha ha Sandra , I love the tags on your post ! Tee Hee ! :-)

    Well done on outrunning a fox ! Cor, they don't half make a racket around here at night . It sends my pugs nuts !

    Sounds like a fab run ! Xxx

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