Back from holiday

Got back from a lovely 10 days of Egyptian sunshine in the early hours of Tuesday. As I had thought before I went running outside overe there wasn't possible but the hotel did have a well equipped gym so I gave it a go. I did some rowing which I liked, exercise bike which I also liked and cross trainer which was OK once I got the hang of it. I also did a bit on the treadmill. Not a huge fan but I felt I had to do something on it. So 4 sessions - about an hour each time and also a bit of swimming. I was feeling quite pleased with my efforts but then in the last night the dreaded dodgy stomach struck. Usually I don’t get this type of trouble but this time it was awful. Travelling back after that night was not pleasant. I didn't dare eat anything and only drank water. After a good sleep in my own bed I felt back to normal so I decided to try a run at about 3pm yesterday. Blimey it was tough going. Aside from the temperature - it had been 25 in Egypt the stomach bug had really taken it's toll. I managed a 5km run/walk/stagger before calling it quits. I'm hoping my fitness hasn't been knocked too much. I'm going to rest today and see what tomorrow brings.

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  • Yeah, sounds like rest really is your only option. Make sure you get enough. Hope your back on it soon :)

  • Yes rest up, lots of fluids and hopefully you'll be fine.

  • Oh crikey! You might feel rough for a day or two but you sound to be on the mend. I'd stick to a bland diet for a bit and have a rest up ☺

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