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2015 update

My goal for 2015 was to complete 594km, I set the target as 12km multipled by 45 weeks plus 10% and I got no where near! I am 70km short!

I began running April 2014 by the October that year I ran my first 10km race, non stop in 1:21:46 (chip time)! I was so pleased. Since then the most I have ran continuously is 6km last April! I find it hard to run 2km these days! I have completed a 5km, two 10km and a HM all using a walk/jog combination.

Again I am very pleased with my journey so far. However I do feel a little let down by the fact my running is no longer continuous.

So my goals for 2016:

594km plus 10% 653.4km

To run continuously for 10km

To run three times a week

To complete 5km under 35 minutes (PB at moment 38:46)

Volunteer at, at least, one ParkRun

Good luck to those setting goals

Happy running to all 👟 🎅🏼

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They sound like great goals and don't be disheartened, you've had a good year, celebrate your successes I'd say which are loads!!! Look how far you have come from being on the couch before April 2013...... Have a great New Year X

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They sound like good goals to me too. If you really want to get back to continuous running, why not go back and redo c25k. Pick up the programme somewhere near the beginning, so you get the full benefit, and just enjoy re-learning to run continuously. You'll really enjoy getting reacquainted with Lovely Laura and her dodgy taste in music :)


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