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Better run this morning

Last sunday I did a 10m pudding run and loved it. I stretched afterwards so everything was fine all week. I didn't manage to get out during the week so decided to do parkrun as a tempo run to get back into it. In fact it was a nightmare. My legs wouldn't go and I was gasping. Slowest parkrun ever. I even contemplated giving up several times. Bad run big style. I was starting to think that running is just too much like hard work.

So today I decided that I was gonna get out and do 5k to prove the parkrun was just a one off bad run. And it was. Todays run was still hard but much easier and I didn't think (much) about giving up and going home. So we are back to running 3 times a week with a longer run now and again to make sure I can do the distance in April.

Who would have thought that a good percentage of a sport that should be so physical, is mental.

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It is hard to know when it will be a good run, just as I think I can do it, a bad run happens! When I expect it to be hard, have the best run ever! Who knows why, not me!


I know what you mean. Every run I did last week felt so hard and I'm hoping this week will feel better. Do you think our bodies know that we're coming up to the end of a year and are just telling us something? 🙂


I think so. Mine keeps saying "sit own and have a mince pie". Which is nice 'cos I love mince pies. Once Christmas is over they'll be much more difficult to find, so I might get to run a bit more :)


Glad it's not just me. I sat down and had a couple of mince pies today! :-)


My parkrun was a hard slog yesterday too, but the Christmas costumes kept out spirits up. I guess it's just the way it goes sometimes, well done for you extra run today😊


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