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Another Sunday morning run

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I have only been managing one run per week over the Christmas / New Year break and really feeling it today! Photo is me looking pretty shattered as I head home. πŸ… I did a 4km local route which is a straight forward out and back with just one uphill stretch. Well, I really enjoyed the feeling of being "out there" but it felt quite tough at times. My fitbit heart rate thing says that I was running 90% at peak heart rate! (On this particular route, it's usually just at "Cardio" or "Fat Burn" for me.) So, I feel like I have had quite a workout, despite the "easy" route - I obviously need to get back into my routine and also get back to my local, very hilly Parkrun. I haven't been able to get to parkrun recently as I crashed my car shortly before Christmas. But yesterday, my new car arrived so I am hoping to get there on Saturday and face those hills again! Happy new year to all, may 2020 be full of happy runs for us all. ☺

15 Replies
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Well done for getting back out there again. I think most of us struggle a bit over the festive season with the routine all out of kilter and so many commitments. The only reason I managed to keep at it was that I was off work, and I have a very keen friend who motivated me! It is frustrating when you don't have the transport to get to more interesting running locations it is nice to have a change now and then.

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DebstonGraduate10 in reply to RuthMargaret

I need a keen friend! My running buddy that started C25K with me has decided that running isn't for her!

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Well done for getting out there - it's all miles in the legs!πŸ‘πŸ™‚

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DebstonGraduate10 in reply to Sandraj39

Thanks Sandraj39 - yes, every run counts!

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Glad you're ok after the car crash Debston. You're still out and running and that's the main thing and you can look forward to building up those running legs. 😊😊

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DebstonGraduate10 in reply to Buddy34

Thanks, Buddy34 - it was after I'd run my second ever 10K, I was driving home feeling pretty pleased with myself when WHAM!

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Great run , sorry to hear about your car eek at least you weren't injured. Enjoy getting back to normality. Happy running

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DebstonGraduate10 in reply to Grannyhugs

Yes, I was very lucky. End of Christmas / New Year always feels a bit sad but actually I'm looking forward to getting back to the usual routine.

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Gosh, glad you were not injured in your car accident. I’ve been running a lot over Christmas and New Year, but have also been eating way too much of the wrong food. I managed to gain 10 lbs in weight in a month.

But I’m back on the healthy bus again. You’ll be back to full fitness again soon. Enjoy getting back to your hilly parkrun next week.


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DebstonGraduate10 in reply to damienair

Oh, I have piled on the lbs over Christmas and New Year - you're not alone, Damien! It'll all come off soon enough.

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Debston are we glad to hear you are not hurt & are taking delivery of a new car! Most of cut some slack over the festivities with both our diets & our runs but now we can angelically slip back into our run routines πŸ˜‡

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DebstonGraduate10 in reply to Annieapple

Thanks, Annieapple! Really pleased to have new car sorted (it's almost identical to my old one - same colour even) and will be VERY careful driving it. I really need to get back into my routine, I LOVE Christmas and new year's but I m ready to be back to normality...

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Well done. At least you’re getting back out there. X

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Oh goodness, I’m sorry about the car crash- very glad you are ok. πŸ˜„

Good for you getting out & persevering over Christmas, even if it’s less than you wanted, - it can be such a busy time as well as all the eating fest!

Like you, I am ready to get back on the healthy eating track! πŸ˜„

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Well done and I hope you find your happy routine zone soon :)

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