Running day wasted 😳

Running day wasted 😳

I look forward to my running days, think about where I will be going and so I hate it when a plan goes wrong. Decided to take it a little easy as I ran 7k on Wednesday which for me is a long one and my knee took a couple of days before it felt good. Decided to run on grass so the softness would be more gentle on my legs.

However, instead it turned into a muddy, sloshy, slippery run-walk or I would have twisted my ankle of fallen over. Got a little lost and had to pick my was across rough ground with long grass (more walking) and had to turn back in the woods because it was way too dangerous underfoot.

All I managed in the end was 5k and every step seemed horrible and my legs even ache an hour after crawling home and having a shower. My trail shoes are a disaster zone too, will brush them off later. Don't you hate it when a longed for run turns into a battleground? Now I have to wait til Monday to have a good one

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  • I find that you have given the wrong title to this message :-P

    Managed 5K - running day wasted - how do these two go together?

  • True, but I don't do walk breaks and today that happened, I didn't enjoy it and it was horribly slow and full or obstacles, could have been so much better!!

  • I did think about you saying "I don't do walk breaks" today as I was out running, listening to a long run training podcast from Audiofuel. After 30 minutes of running, the guy said to me to walk and that: "walk/rest breaks in long running training ease fatigue, speed recovery and reduce injury". Look at walk rests as part of your training and never as a failure or waste of your time.

  • You could be right and I think battling through C25K and from walk/run to just run is part of it. Also when for example I want to run for 30 minutes, I have to fight my brain to keep running and not walking, so to walk seems to fail to me.

    I see a lot of 10k programmes use recovery walks too, so I am thinking planned walk breaks might benefit me, I need to be less stubborn and more flexible in my training. I have reached 5k so I could go easy on myself a little. Really appreciate the advice. Julie

  • Just think what the pre running Joolie would have said if she had gone out for a 5K romp! Your legs probably got more of a workout than you think because you were running/walking on uneven ground. You were out in the fresh air, your heart and lungs got a workout, etc etc. See? Never wasted!

  • Hey - we all have good days, and we all have bad days. Don't beat yourself up about it. Just look forward to that next run ;)

  • We all have those bad ones... The rest in between will do you good and I hope tomorrow's will be so much better...

  • I did the same thing recently, decided to leave the path and stepped into mud right over my shoes - grim isn't it? Some people seem to like it though! It's all part of the learning, enjoy your Monday run xx

  • Thank you, I plan to enjoy it, sticking to paths this time! Because I only run 3 times a week, want them to be enjoyable and if I have a frustrating run have to wait and have a rest day!!

  • I like it when I am prepared for it and wearing the right shoes :-)

  • I like clean, dry pavements!

    You still did 5k in horrible conditions... be proud!

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