[5K+ speed] Laura, you're such a teaser!

Today I decided to try out one of the 5K+ podcasts and, after the long run on Tuesday, I thought my legs would have appreciated something not too hard so I chose the "speed" one.

What to say? The recovery pace is slower than my usual pace; it felt a bit strange at the beginning and it took me a few minute to get into the right cadence. Apart from that, I found it quite enjoyable, the only problem being it is too short; as soon as you begin having fun, Laura stops encouraging you and tells you it's over for the day... the little teaser! 😁

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  • He he. I am looking forward to doing the 5k+ myself in a few weeks after more consolidation. Glad to know you enjoyed it.

  • Yep..short but sweet..best to build it into a longer run..that's what I do 🙂

  • That sounds as a good idea; I'll try it next week.

    Where do you insert the interval training, at the beginning or at the end of the run?


  • I do the speed podcast at the beginning of the run, then just carry on running for however long I feel when it's finished.

  • It varies, but usually the beginning of the run...gets me into the mood... I do the same with Stamina and that is always at the beginning!... :)

  • Interesting, I've tried stepping stones, and I use stamina for my 35 minute weekday runs, but I've not tried the speed podcast yet.  You've made me want to try it now :) 

  • I'm glad I did... but don't blame me if you find it awful. 😆

  • It is fun.. short and sweet, I feel, but we are all different. Great to build into a longer run too, when you are used to it!

  • If you want a longer interval run try the guardian advance running podcasts.  No Laura, I'm afraid (though there is a very friendly chap telling you when to stop and start), but you will definitely find it a little more challenging than Speed!

  • Thanks for that tip.. I am gonna give that a look-see!! :)

  • You could do it twice! I normally find it's enough on it's own, but I really hammer it - once I thought I was gonna puke!

  • I do stepping stones all the while.   They keep your legs guessing 😊

  • I also only do it once because I'm so knackered at the end of it there's no way I could repeat it! Would also have difficulties incorporating it into a longer run for the same reason. Will have to get stronger (note to self!). 

  • If I stick to Laura's cadence, I find the fast bits (165bpm) "comfortably" demanding and I can fully recover during the slow ones (155bpm). But my stride wasn't particularly long, hence my speed wasn't particularly fast (my avg pace was 6:06min/km); I'll have to try extending my stride, next time.

  • You're still way faster than I am. I'm lucky to consistently run under 7 min/km. But then you're only a youngster! I loved "Speed", will maybe give it a go next week again and see if I can add some "normal" running on afterwards. It somehow doesn't seem right if I don't do at least 30 mins!

  • Aren't we odd. I feel cheated by a run of less than 5k these days 😆

  • Exactly how I feel! But it's daft really! How can we get faster if we don't do shorter distances faster than usual and then try and build up? 

  • I find Laura quite irritating in the Speed podcast. When the tempo increases I wish she'd just go straight into 1, 2, 3, 4 rather than waffling on about finding the beat etc.

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