Got a bit lost... did 8k

Went out in my new Asics this morning (they felt amazing by the way) and I was planning on doing just over 7k. Unfortunately I couldn't find the path I needed at one point so I ended up staying on the roads which took me further from home. So instead of walking further I just ran instead. Did 8.01k in 49:08 so my pace was even better than the two 7k runs that I did recently. Didn't feel like I was pushing myself at all.

Definitely noticed the benefit of proper shoes - far less discomfort from my calves and shins - and they felt soooo bouncy!

3 Replies

  • That's a great time. Well done. Handy, this running thing isn't it?

  • Brilliant, well done you that sounds fabulous....

  • Well done and sounds like the new shoes are fab - I was amazed how much more 'bouncy' mine felt compared to the old ones :-)

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