5k suddenly got easier - how did that happen?

5k suddenly got easier - how did that happen?

I graduated from C25k about 9 weeks ago and went up from 3 X 30 mins, to adding in a 5k, then 3 X 5k. I still found that distance a slog and challenging every time. A couple of weeks ago early in the morning, I felt really good as if I could keep going, so just ran on to 5.5k which surprised me. Last week, same happened and ran on to 6k and now as my legs are going well and recovery is great, going to try 6k X 3 and settle at that for a month. One minute, a distance seems horrible and then for no real reason, feels easier! Cannot believe I can run 6k, took me by surprise - need to find bigger places to run now!!

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  • :)

    I found that too. I was just getting used to 5k and suddenly got the "forest gump moment" and extended in a week to 10k. Not sure how/why it happens but it's good when it does.

  • Good well done you !!

  • Well done you! It's a wonderful feeling when a run becomes a lovely exercise rather than a slog, isn't it? Well worth the aggro to get to that stage :)

  • You've hit the point where running starts to become fun. Enjoy it. This makes the slog before all worth while.

  • Same here - my 5k runs are getting slightly quicker each time without really meaning to. I went out yesterday feeling a bit 'hormonal' and fed up, did what I thought was a fairly gentle 5k with no looking at the Garmin 'til the end, then surprised myself to find it was the quickest one I'd done ! Lovely feeling isn't it :-)

  • Same here, I'm still not super speedy, but when I just did 6k was 7.25 and I wasn't trying to go faster, it is just happening comfortably. In also notice hills are getting easier, I just count a pace 1-2-3-4 and plod upwards! Just lets not get over confident now and get an injury. I am going to try and go for a long walk on rest days to see if that helps me

  • Hills make a big difference. I'm trying to slowly increase distance rather than speed, and my 'longer' route includes a gradual (slight) uphill climb and a few steeper bits. Having practised on those a few times now, getting back to the dead flat seems so much easier than before !

    Walking on the rests days sounds good, especially if you can find a few hilly walks to help build up your leg strength. My husband bought me a great women's running book for my birthday and it's got a good selection of core strength/stability exercises and some runners yoga exercises that I'm going to try out on the rest days.

  • Hi lucca- would you be kind and give us the author / title- sounds like a good one for the Christmas list!

  • Of course ! It's Run for Life by Sam Murphy.


    Lots of helpful info and pitched at a good level (for me at least !).

  • thanks- had a quick look on Amazon and it looks like it's a good support- we are probably beyond some of it but can use the rest of the tips- nice :)

  • I've just done some of the yoga stretches - ouch !!

  • Can u believe we r even talking about running? I hated PE at school and didn't even run round with the children and now at 52, moving more than ever - and feeling good about myself for doing it. Mi have become a Facebook running bore, trying to get people interested in running

  • I so identify !! At 52, I started running a few months ago and am getting into it in a very strange way. I never thought I'd be someone who exercised ...weird.....

  • Oh Joolie how lovely. Sounds as though you have really taken to running! I wish I was there- I'm doing the Stamina podcast and finding it tough from 3 mins in, so not actually enjoying running, more enduring because I know it feels good when it's done. I really hope to get where you are in terms of enjoying it- it's encouraging to think there may come a time...! It's odd because way back in Sept when I was in the latter few weeks of C25K I ran on after the run, through the warm-down several times... and here I am finding 35 mins tough all the way! argh!!!

    I was also a PE averse type at school- well I may not be enjoying it but at least I'm doing my best to stick at it!

    Will strive to get to your nirvana of happiness (I normally get 30 secs or so of that, around 20-23 mins into a run!)


  • Well done Julie !

    All the hard work and slog is paying off big time :-)

    Great that you had such an enjoyable run, brilliant stuff ! xxx

  • I've noticed that the hills and inclines are becoming much easier, I can walk up to about 10'000 steps a day at work depending on how busy it can be.

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