I'm a runner 😎

I was ambling along At the park and ride to get the bus to a meeting in town and he started his flipping engine while I was a fair way off ( I'm sure he saw me) SO I started MY engine and belted it in my v v high bootees!!! I leapt on, grinned, payed and sat down perfectly composed and breathing normally. I clocked his disappointed smirk that I wasn't breathless and red faced...

Ha ha 'cheers drive' I'm a Runner 😎

That made my day today I felt very smug indeed !!!


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28 Replies

  • BL**dy excellent JJ. Love it!

  • Felt soooo good!!!

  • That's how you do it:)

  • And I'll bet that there was a time when you couldn't run out of sight on a dark night!!! :)

  • There was a time I would have got on that bus half dead after doing that, and only 3 years ago!!!!

  • Ha ha ! Yay, love it :-) xxx

  • So you should ! You are a runner! Bet he couldn't run so fast :)

  • I doubt it... He really looked pissed off that I was so composed!!!!

  • Brilliant JJ. That showed him. 😂

  • Way to go!!

  • I don't think that I have got the cardio fitness that you have -- BUT I have noticed just when walking with my contemporaries ( old F***'s) that my cardio fitness is WAAAAY superior to theirs!! :)

  • Love it when that happens - makes all those battles with the gremlins worth it.

  • woo hoo - brilliant :)

  • I love this! Wish I was there to see his face. Go JJ!

  • Brilliant imagery... And especially impressive running in those v v v high booties!!

  • Well done juicyju ! A moment to remember!! 😆

  • certainly was!!!

  • Hahaha, love it. You made my day

  • I'm so glad!!!

  • What an absolute dickhead! Well done you xx

  • exactly... alot of those Bristolian bus drivers are except the Polish ones are wonderful....

  • Ha ha. Good for you, the get! They do that don't they. Grrrrr I expect it's their way of making the day go a bit quicker.

    Having a turn of speed is so handy isn't it.

  • Sometimes life hands you the little wins 😊 Well done JJ!

  • Awesome. Great to get one over on a pathetic bus driver who thinks he's big & clever☺

  • lets just say if we had a sprint race I think I'd win hands down ...he didnt look very 'athletic' !!!!

  • Well here is a well earned smug look just for you. 😁 Go go runner

  • Lovely and very worth it. Funnily enough it was failing to be able to run for a bus this time last year that motivated me to do c25k. Still can't run in heels, though.

  • I can't walk in heels, so I would have had no chance ! So well done juicyju for both the run and the heels :-)

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