I'm officially a 10k runner!

I'm officially a 10k runner!

After advice from here after entering a 10k but not having achieved quite the distance, I ran my first 10k race yesterday. And when I say ran, I mean it, no walking as I'd expected to do. The words 'slow and steady' had been drummed into me from EVERYONE on here, so not one to ignore advice from the experienced, that's what I did. I realised at 8.5k that I was actually going to do it and that's the only time I stepped up my pace. The fastest kilometre was the last one so I know I had more in me.

Thank you everyone who gave me advice on here. 1:14:34 was my time, but I'm so proud I did it. I've gone from doing nothing to running a 10k since 14th Feb this year, I'm still on cloud 9 😊

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  • What a brilliant achievement. You still sound as if you can't quite believe you did it, but you've got the bling to prove just how great you are. Wear it with pride.

  • You're absolutely right! I can't! And if I'm honest there was no part of it that I felt I wanted to give up and die either, I think that was the biggest thing the 'slow and steady' did. That, if anything, was the Magic Formula 😊

  • Wow! Brilliantly done, Needing-answers. :)

  • Thank you 😊

  • Ah this is brilliant , Well done to you , that's lovely bling that is ! :-)

    Have you requested your Graduate 10 Badge on here too ? Double Brucie Bonus ! :-) xxx

  • No I haven't! I'm on my phone and can't see the panel that's on the side on my laptop, will look to do it later 😊

  • I too completed my first 10k yesterday ... no walking ... and still can't quite believe it! Like you, I got to a point where it was possible ... 7.5, then it was 8 and at that point I started to believe it was going to happen ... well done! Enjoy the feeling ... I am! :-)

  • Congratulations to you too!

    I know exactly how you feel! For me it was a sort of strange sort of calm feeling thinking 'I can do this' and then it built up and up so I got more & more excited! I sprinted the last 100k like an idiot! I was on such a high 😊

  • Ooooo! We've both got our badges! 😊

  • Brilliant, really well done ☺very nice bling and a Good time 😊

  • I absolutely loved it 😊

  • Well done, that's a great achievement and a great time for your first 10k.

  • I was thrilled, absolutely thrilled to bits 😜

  • Great job. Very well done.

  • Thanks 😊

  • Great distance, great time, great bling :)


    Well done :)

  • Thank you πŸ˜ƒ

  • Oooh. Nice medal. Well deserved bling.

  • Thank you πŸ˜„

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