sorry i'm a non runner i'm disabled

has much as i use to love to run its that time in my life the illness as stopped me from doing all sorts, i use to play football, Rugby, pool, snooker, darts, but my life has we know it jim isn't what it was that's a line from star trek. my illness are two many to mention but i support all those who can run to enjoy it while they can take care to all Alan

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  • Hey what's wrong Alan why you feeling down?

    I have several disabilities aswell but when watching the news you hear of countries at war, children being killed, people in the uk who have lost there homes etc people are worse of than what we are, so chin up , can you not join a group doing crafts, painting things run by the council xxx

  • hi Karen sorry was just thinking about when i used to run but i can't now i'm struggling with walking, when you have been on your own for as long as i have you get scared to go anywhere for the feel of being let down or rejected by people you think are your friends, its because i'm feeling depressed at this moment in time take care speak to you soon look forward to tomorrow your friend Alan xxxxx

  • yes I'm looking forward to tomorrow aswell, speak soon xxx

  • hi Karen sorry for being down its just one of those day, take care speak to you tomorrow night Alan xx

  • Hi Alan, Sorry you are feeling depressed, I've never been able to run but I've walked a lot better in the past. I understand being depressed and not being able to do a lot of the things I once could. I am thinking of you and hope you feel better soon. Take care.

  • hi Mango many thanks for your lovely concern its nice when you think there is someone in our country thinking our i may be feeling and its the same from my side of the fence i think about all my new friends i've met and that have helped me since i came here in march take care speak to you again Alan

  • Bless you Alan,

    Be kind to's an art form that I'm only just getting to grips with after all these years. I've been on the forums a few weeks but the people have been fantastic with support, help and advice. Bless you . Mango

  • hi Mango i'm so glad that you have been on for a while and its lovely to have you as a friend, look after yourself speak to you soon all the best Alan

  • We all get those days. I blame the Clingons myself. You take care.

  • hi Raywife i blame them gremlins because i'm 6ft 3 in tall they can only hit my ankles take care speak to you soon Alan

  • Hello there, thank u for joining the Forum. When I run I always thank God I CAN run because many people don't have the ability to move around. There are lots of sports now that are accessible to people of all abilities. Are there any sports u could try?

  • hi there many thanks for your reply, i used to play football, rugby, but when i was told i'd got osteoarthritis in my spine, hips and knees and i'm only 48 years old, i know there are my different things i could do, but the rest of my illness stop me from doing things any normal person would do, i think the main reason i don't bother is because i don't mix well with new people i'm not shy just a bit nervous whilst i'm face less i'm ok but its when i have to met people yet again no problem its just being in someone company that let's me down, plus the amount of times i've been reject for friendship it take a long time to recover, but then its to late you feel like your inprisoned in your own home with no friends. take care speak to you soon Alan

  • You too!

  • hi Raywife your welcome hope you don't mind me asking where are you from, i'm live in worksop, Nottinghamshire. take care Alan x

  • Nottingham is a lovely part of the world.i am in Swansea (South Wales). Wettest place in the UK!

  • hi Raywife i know my family are from near Swansea but now live up here take care Alan

  • Hi Alan not been in for a while been very busy making all my Christmas Prezzies xx learned the art of doing infinity mirrors they look ace, but very expensive, my son just bought a house Karl renovated it for him and he wanted one to finish his bathroom but they are £200 to buy so I've made him one will send you pic xx so proud of myself now I've got people ordering them, xxxx great having things to occupy my time love making them, got other projects on the go too loving itt. 😁 xxx mandy

  • hi Mandy its great that your keeping yourself busy, not sure what infinity mirrors are but i'm glad you have enjoyed making them, i don't celebrate Christmas as i don't believe in it, i'm glad karl house is done bet it looks ace, you see what a talent you have, hope all goes well its nice to speak with you again take care speak again soon your friend Alan xx

  • Not karls house lol my eldest ash karls done the renovations for him new kitchen bathroom infinity mirrors I've put a pic on my post xx I'm sort you don't do Christmas lol 😁 I doo my boys are my life and love it when they all together they're all best friends xxxxmandy😁

  • On my post anxiety self help xx

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