My plan for the next 4 months

My plan for the next 4 months

It is getting hot now - so running will have to be done around Dawn from now on -- no time for really long runs , but I don't really want to do any anyway !!

I have settled on my "plan" for the next 4 months - 16 week Jack Daniels "Running for Fitness" RED plan -

I am going to concentrate on the 5&10K during this time - I did the first 8 weeks of this plan in Jan/Feb this year, prior to the 10K Twilight run at Qld Uni. I will modify the plan by increasing the longrun out to 90 minutes over the period and finish the full 16 weeks this time. It will be interesting to compare my "stats" over the first 8 weeks - compared to those from Jan/Feb.

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  • It will be interesting to see how you get on with this plan Barry. I am still mulling over mine. I take it the marathon has resurfaced as an ambition now you've slept on it 😊

  • No - not really. For the next 6 months we will have heat here - and then we have our winter for a few months ( which is "racing" season). WE often go overseas for a holiday around Spring in the Northern Hemisphere so that interferes with any serious training for a while. This year we were away for 2 months around May so that is why I did this HM in October- really a bit late for running. IF I were to do such a thing , that Honolulu marathon festival would fit our timing/seasons well as it is hot here in December and winter in Hawaii.

    At this time I want to concentrate on the 10K and maybe even the 10 mile (might do Sydney City to Surf again in August)

  • That must be hard running in the heat... And good luck with the plan it looks great!

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