My plan for next year

With the silly season almost here when we will spend a week with family in Melbourne - and then board Sun Princess in Perth for 7 weeks in the Indian Ocean on 08 January - I have put together my "plan" for the whole of next year - based around a 10K in March , and a HM in early June

I am intending to use the treadmills on the ship to redo the Jack Daniels training plan that I did prior to the same 10K last year ( a lot of tempo pace training) - then I will move onto a full Marathon run/walk plan and rejig it a little to run the HM as a long run, part of the marathon plan. After the HM , I will continue full marathon training (mostly in terms of the long runs -- whether I do an actual marathon in December is yet to be determined - but I have been fantasizing about this one ) :) The HM will be run on the Queensland Gold Coast in winter , as will the Honolulu full marathon. -- But it will be hot and humid for both!!!

At least I feel much more content now with a plan mapped out ahead of me - since my HM in October , I have been floundering around quite a bit - as they say, a bit like a fish out of water!! :)

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  • Good for you!

    I've put together a plan involving a 10km in February and a swimathon in March and felt better once I'd got it sorted. (Had started to get out of the running habit slightly.)

    My plan doesn't involve a long cruise though. [Signs]


  • I'm impressed. Well done you for being able to plan so far ahead. At the moment I can't think any further than trying to decide if my run tomorrow will be a morning or evening one.

    My only plan so far i to enter one race a month, but I've no idea so far what type or how long they will be. I've possibilities lined up for january, February and March (2 XC and a 10K road race), but that's about it.

  • The only reason for the "year long" plan is because I am contemplating a marathon - even if I don't actually do one, I still want to take my long runs out further than what I did for my first HM ( which I will definitely redo) - so this basically involves the whole year.

  • Well done. I have got mine planned out until May, when I do my next HM. I have to fit in cross training for cycling and swimming as well as I am doing an Olympic triathlon over the course of a week in March. So it's taken some working out with running, speed walking, cycling and swimming adding in strength and stretch.

  • I am so pleased you signed up for the marathon, I am so tempted to join you... it looks amazing...happy cruising and happy Christmas!!

  • Brilliant , Well done Bazza, always great to have a plan . Keeps the legs nicely ticking over .

    Hope you have a brilliant holiday and Happy Christmas :-) xxx

  • Haven,t signed up for it yet - will wait until I complete my second HM in June first.

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