Before - and after -- 21.1 KLM!!

Before - and after -- 21.1 KLM!!

Can you pick which is which????

Oh boy - when I crossed that finish line yesterday -- I was FINISHED - in more ways than one!!!! Certainly, I could barely stand up - much less even think about continuing on for another 21.1 KLM!! Some of my fellow parkrunners did - and took 6 hours!! I don't know how they did it??? The beauty of this Running Festival was that there was no time limit - and because it was a circular track, we had 5K, 10k, HM and full Marathon runners all mixed up - doing their own thing. Hence I actually passed some full marathon runners and go passed in turn by speedy 5K runners. :)

My goals were (in order of priority ) 1. to finish, finish in 2hours 38 minutes (which would mean that I had ran the same pace (7:30 mins per K) as my 14KLm race last year - but this time for 21 Klms) and in less than 2hrs:38mins. As it turned out I took 2 hours 36 minutes,so very close to my second goal.

I did this run/walk -- and even though I had done a 20K training run at 15 seconds per K slower pace 3 weeks before which I had found tiring but not too bad, yesterday I was absolutely FINISHED at the end!!

It WAS an unusual course with an inner kind-of circular course around a lake of 2.75K and a longer outer course of 4.7K which branched off from the inner course. . Marathoners/5kers/10kers used the outer course only while Halfers used 6 laps of the inner and a final 1 lap of the outer :) We got wrist bands as we passed the starting line (where there was water) so we didn't forget what number lap we were on. The marathoners had to do 9 laps of the outer circuit -- which was a real mongrel - I only had to do it once!!!! I was very pleased that there were these laps - because otherwise I would have been DNF. I have been having trouble with my feet (swelling??) going numb - so took a second pair of shoes and socks . After around 6K , I had to pull into the pits to change shoes - after another 3K , another pitstop to put old shoes back on with thinner socks -- which worked and I had no further problem.. All of these shenanigans made me lose a couple of minutes - but who cares :)

So - my first time Half - marathon at age 68 (69 in 2 weeks time) has come and gone. I'm going to rest and reflect upon the future for a while. I have found a 52 week training programme by Jeff Galloway that builds from a 5K to a 10K to a HM to a full M over the 52 weeks. I will need some kind of structure from now on - but at this time have no real future goals and/or races in mind -- I think I will just start to follow the plan (with my modifications) and see what eventuates.

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  • Wow. Congratulations

  • I was also thinking Wow! Well done, great time. You do look a little tired at the end :-) Have a nice rest now before making plans.

  • Wow Bazza, you did it! So impressed, very well done, so pleased for you you filled your goals. Where's your bling?

  • We got a "medallion" - not really much interested in them -- but I do like getting the t-shirts!! :)

  • Very impressed. Barry. Two minutes under your goal time is a lot. You are definitely 'trending faster' as Strava says. (I'd like a link to that Galloway training plan. Sounds just the ticket).

  • It's only in a book - not on the internet. But today I have been playing around with a plan (based on his plan) - that starts out with a "long" run of 5K and slowly slowly slowly (over 43 weeks ) increase to 43K!!!! By the time it gets to these big numbers at the end, you are only doing longruns every 3rd week. Starting at 5K, it can of course, come to an end at any time that you think is "enough!!" . The other 3 days a week are just whatever you want to do - parkrun, running club, easy runs, hills, tempos , etc - but the long run is the basis.

  • Amazing, well done. Great photographs

  • You are amazing Bazza! Well done! Woweeee!!!!!! Hope you're not aching too much. X

  • 24 hours later, I am quite OK -- but I will go for a walk on Wednesday and then have a slow run at parkrun on Saturday -- it's Halloween , so there will be a lot of silliness going on .

  • Many many congratulations Bazza, that's a brilliant achievement, well done!! ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†

  • Smashing work bazza, it's not even about what you did on the day, although that's astounding's the hard work you do every week to get there that's most inspiring.....well done you!!

  • Well done Bazza!! Brilliant run there. I can only tell the "after" picture by the rather warm person behind you!! It is amazing what the program can do for anyone irrespective of age.

    Take a few days off now and wallow in your success :-)

  • You don't recognise the "I think I am going to pass out - better sit down on the grass while I can " look on my face???? :)

  • The dead giveaway is the Finish sign behind you :-) That's really the only difference I can see, I think you look really good in both photos !

    Well done Bazza, that is some achievement and that's another thing crossed off your bucket list !

    You should be very proud of yourself ! An HM at 69 years of age( in fact at any age ) is absolutely brilliant !

    Congratulations !! :-) xxx

  • Wow! Well run!

    You look tired at the finish but not too destroyed, considering the distance.

    Congratulations! Great result!


  • Well done, Bazza - that's a great achievement!

  • Brilliant well done, a great achievement. Well done for getting your target time as well. I like the idea of band so you keep score of laps in triathlons you have to do that yourself and I resorted to bluetack on my handle bars. Rest up and happy recovery.

  • That is amazing, you rocked all three of your hm goals. ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰Many congratulations, you worked so hard in your training.

    I love the fact a new training plan is being formed already but rest and recover well. Hit that lovely beach today!!

  • Congrats! That's amazing!!

  • Congratulations!! That is an amazing achievement and sounds like it was a brilliant day! Hope you are feeling well today. It's so nice to come on here and read about your accomplishments :) Rest up and be proud! Really well done!

  • Congratulations and well done! Great pics too!

  • well done bazza that was brilliant. respect to you. you are a credit. I am knackered just thinking about what you have accomplished.

  • Gorgeous pics and the race sounds tough as you had to go round in circles. A huge well done from me....

  • AAH ! - but I have a long way to go to catch up with you !!! :)

  • Congratulations โ˜บโ˜บโ˜บ๐Ÿ˜…

  • Congratulations Baz! You don't look at all bushed! Your shoulders look relaxed as does your face. Brilliant time too! Bet you're well chuffed with that!

    I've been studying Jeff G's marathon plan and it seems you walk for

    10 k of it. Sounds good to me. It makes running a marathon seem more do-able

  • How much you "walk" is dependent on what ratio you use. Did you know that there is a fairly active Facebook page ( mostly British people) for Galloway training? Most there are using 30 second walk breaks ( which has recently been recommended by Galloway)

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