Whoa!!! It's getting cold down south!!!

Whoa!!! It's getting cold down south!!!


Meanwhile, here in Queensland, I had to wait until almost noon before it warmed up to 15C so I could do my HM race pace practice. :) Last year at this time , it was around 30C around noon - the Gold Coast marathoners suffered - but the Half marathoners got it done and dusted before it warmed up too much.

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  • My how I laughed at that! I think we got to 18C here yesterday on summer solstce here in Devon, England :-)

  • 15 degrees..............a warm summer's day here, far too hot to run!!!

  • blimey that does look chilly!!!!

  • We're going up to 33C tomorrow - and it's normally my long run day. Gulp - will have to have a re-think!

  • Pre-Dawn in the ONLY time for such days !!

  • That's about 4 in the morning. I don't think I'm that dedicated!

  • Yes - in summer!! I do that all the time. I feel more sorry for those people who still have to go to work - some of my friends are running at that hour in winter !! Freezing cold and pitch black!!!!

  • Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Bazza it's cold outside :)

  • Surprised to see that snow in Queensland. We ran in 20deg and 83% humidity yesterday evening, which was a tad too warm & heavy for me & the wife, and had a lovely thunder storm during the night, but surely 10-15deg is fine to run in...😊

  • That cold snap ( straight out of Antarctica) hasn't arrived here in Queensland yet - expected on Saturday. Right now it is further south. Here in Qld, those blizzard conditions only get to the high country further inland - but it still gets damned cold (for us) here on the Coast. Expected to be only 6-7C tomorrow morning for parkrun. FREEZING!!! :)

  • I know I was teasing you the other day Bazza, but I do know what you mean. I've come to realise temperature really means different things in different places. In UK 25C is a really hot summer day, here in France you need a cardie at that temp. It doesn't really get hot here until it goes over 30C, and even then sometimes you can get cold feet. I often stop off in Spain on my way to and from France, there 15C seems positively balmy! It must be due to ground temperature. Yesterday I ran in 28C and it was ok, I just don't like full sun in my face.

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