C25K at the Brighton Marathon

I'm posting this on here as 4 C25kers did the 10k at the Brighton Marathon and if, like me, you have no Marathon ambitions but would like to join in this is a fantastic experience.

I met up with the marathon crew at the expo the day before and we went out for a meal and a drink before retiring for an early night, it was great to put faces to names and they were all lovely.

The 10k started at 8.30am, before the marathon, which meant a very early breakfast before the 25 minute walk to the start line. I managed to meet up with Steve in the yellow pen for the over 1hr start (oh my goodness it was SO muddy we must have each had a couple of kilos of mud on our shoes before we set off !)

We set off at 8.30 exactly, running past all the marathoners coming up for their 10am start. The course was nice and flat, round a couple of small parks before going down to the seafront away from the pier, turning, and running back to finish just past the pier. The weather was gorgeously sunny but getting quite warm by the time I finished (not so good for the marathon runners) I did my stretches while waiting for Steve to finish and then we went to the Cancer Research tent for a quick drink before going back to our hotels for a shower and change of clothes. We then had plenty of time to get the marathon tracking app up and running before the first of the C25k marathon crew got to the halfway stage. It was fantastic to see them all as they went past, all looking very fresh at this stage and we cheered like mad. Once they were all through that point we took up a new position by the 24 mile mark where we found a clear space by a bus stop and where I stayed for the rest of the afternoon screaming and shouting at 'our lot' and random strangers. It was so exciting and entertaining and I would definitely recommend it as an alternative to running the 26+ miles. Hats off and mega kudos to those brave enough to run. C25k to marathon....it can be done but I'll take 10k any day !

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  • sounds like you had a great day cheering on all the runners,  it was a wonderful day for myself personally.  Although i never met up with anyone on this site (shyness is a problem i have always suffered from) the crowd was fantastic more or less all the way round.   So thank you for cheering us all on 

  • Great post Henpen. I didn't know there was a 10k run before the marathon, but how lovely to go and meet up with everyone and then cheer on the marathoneers afterwards. Sounds like a brilliant day 😀

  • It really was a great day, so much effort put in by so many people.


  • The crew are pretty amazing peeps , a super human effort by all 😊 likewise no ambition to take part in a marathon but in awe of those who 😊

  • Absolutely brilliant Hen ! Sounds like you had a great day ! Who did you meet up with from here ? 

    Any pics ? Xxx

  • Ooh I'm not entirely sure. There was 5korbust who I ran with and of course Juicyju. I don't know about the other alter egos....I more recognised people from the Beyond C25k fb page.

  • Ah Steve, I wondered who that was ,yes I know Steve from here , the Happy Hammer ! :-) xxx

  • Great post, I bet it was a great day.  Well done on your 10km sounds like a nice run.  I like the thought of a totally running day without running all day. Maybe we should stalk some more marathoners so we could do it again.😀. 

  • I'm definitely going to go and support again next year, it was thrilling !

  • Good for you - well done on your 10k too. Sounds like a great day☺

  • It was sooo lovely to meet you again and also see you at halfway with Steve too. I feel really blessed to be a part of such a wonderful running community.... well done on your 10k too!!

  • You were so in the zone at mile 24 that even though I screamed my loudest your headphone music was more appealing/louder !! Very well done !

  • Oh no, thats terrible I didnt see you....I am so sorry, I was completely in a zone then to finish!!!

  • well done you 

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