Park Run

It was two years ago today that I ran my first ParkRun in London. My time was 41 minutes. Today, despite being two years closer to the grave, I ran it in 34 minutes! I am so glad I didn't take up running when I was younger. All i would have to look forward to now would be a steady deterioration. Instead of which, I will probably keep improving till I'm ninety. I knew I wouldn't regret my mis-spent youth!

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  • That is cracking :)

    So inspirational 😀

  • Imagine your speed when u r 90! I am 52 and not sure a sub 30 minute is achievable or would b enjoyable, just letting my fitness and stamina build slowly. I do parkrun too, great fun and try to volunteer too - fantastic to see young and not so young battle the course with courage and determination! Julie

  • That's great, and inspirational ! My dream of a 30 min 5k could be achievable !


  • Of course it is island runner! Not sure I'll ever make it -longer distances seem more comfortable for me now, but never say never! I love where you live by the way. We used to go sailing from Largs around the Western Isles.

  • Fantastic, we have a lady in her 70's runs the Park run and beats many younger, well done

  • Wow! Super speedy!!! Well done you!!!! What a difference!!! Xx

  • Hahahaha :D :D. What a brilliant post TT. A cracking Parkrun time AND an absolute triumph of positive thinking. Love. It! :) :)

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