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Park Run

I did it! Very pleased with myself. I had set as my goal completing 5k in 35 minutes before attempting a public run but then I thought, just go for it. So I did and I did not disgrace myself (nor did I do 35minutes :-( )

So that is still my goal , I was thinking of working on intervals during the week and only doing the distance at the park run, does that sound like a way to achieve it?

Advice would be welcomed :-)


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Great idea- try running some intervals at your goal pace (in this case 7mins perK) they can be short at first maybe 400 metres but slowly increase them to 1K and then 1 mile. There are two objectives - first to get your body used to running at that pace - secondly to build the stamina to be able to run that pace for 35 minutes continuously. Don't push it all too hard though - listen to your body. Does your local parkrun have a monthly "pacer day" - this is the day that it is best to try for a PB .


Great advice from Bazza. I agree. I am around 35 mins for 5K. I did a 5K organized run today and was delighted with 32 mins. Last year I managed to get to 29:56. That’s my best 5K PB time. I’m going to spend February working on Pace to get sub 30 mins again and hoping to get to sub 28 mins during the summer.

I found a great website with training plans for 30, 28, 26, etc 5K’s. . I’m giving the training plan a try next week.

Well done on your Parkrun by the way. Now you have a PB to chase.



Many believe that to increase speed for your 5 k you need to run further than 5 k, building stamina which then impacts on your shorter (5k) pace.

So as well as intervals try a longer run each week. You don’t need to continually increase, but try a 7k or so as one of your weekly runs.

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You need a longer run then 5k, otherwise your just get tired at the end you need to be able to go over that distance so your not sluggish at the end. Some good intervals sessions will help and of course hill repeats. Hill repeats really do help with your speed they will make your legs stronger and more powerfull. Find a shortish (250meters or so) but quite steep hill. Then run up and walk/jog slowly down to recover, then repeat and if you can try and get slowly faster with each repeat. You might only want to a couple first time, but remember to do a bit of a run before and after the hill repeats.


Thank you, lots of ideas there to liven up the routine, started looking out for local hills to have ago on :-)



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