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Running on the back needed

I have away and i must admit I have a lot of catching up on here to do. I will also confess I haven't run for two weeks. I am attempting to sell my house from 7000miles away and be on a little adventure. I admit last week I walked around 70km last week but today will be my first run.

I have been looking forward to we run santiago all year and now i am really worried i won't get to do it. The last run i did was 21km on 4th October and my race is 21km in 3 weeks? i have decided to see how it goes but what do you guys think?

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wow... you are busy!! If you ran 21k on the 4th October you will be fine... Why dont you do a tester 10k? Always a good marker in the sand as to how you are feeling.... The race sounds exciting, and you can always go slower/ walk etc and you have put the training in!!


I think that is what i will do in a bit, dusted off my kit. Just need to put some washing on and have some water, slap on some sun tan lotion and i will see how 10km goes. I feel a bit nervous, like the first day of school.

I do not recommend to anyone selling their house, going to the end of the earth and have hm on the cards.


I did a 10k as suggested and it was ok, a bit tough but i think it was mostly in the mind. I am planning on doing a 16km next week and that will be the acid test. 😬


I'm sure you'll be just fine, Sweetie. 21k just 3 weeks ago should stand you in good stead. Looking forward to another brilliant race report from you xx


I do hope so. Fingers crossed over the next 3 weeks, what doesn't kill us and all that!!

I am have been trying to catch up a bit this morning to motivate me!! Its very exciting this new bridge to 10k. How is the running?

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Pretty good, thanks. Done a Parkrun and a 5k fun run in the last 2 weeks and started my build up to 10k with a comfortable 6k on Wednesday. Just have to keep reminding myself to be very cautious and not try do too much too soon. I'll send you a connection request on Connect xxx


Sounds great and very wise!!! I think we could all do with not getting carried away, especially me. I just get too excited and can't help myself.

I found your connection and i will have a little look at what you have been up to.


You will be fine you have always been so dedicated and you will get the pay off In three weeks. If you are walking 70km then You haven't lost any stamina. We are all prone to a few pre event wobbles but the good thing about this forum is we are all here to send them packing for you. Happy running.


Cheers RFC!!! I am going to have a little sit down in a bit with a cup of Té and come up with a mini running plan to keep me focussed!!! I think it was a great idea to have a B210k community too!!


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