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Vitamin K2 dose and Strontium

I am on high dose prednisone for PMR/GCA and also have osteoporosis as per my last bone density scan.

I am looking for a natural treatment of osteoporosis. I am currently taking Calcium 650 mg twice a day as well as Vitamin D 6,000 units/day (my Vit D level was 51 on 1,000 units/day). I did some research on Vit K2 and the doses suggested ranged from 0.15 mg to 45 mg. As well, an integrated physician I saw prescribed a hormone cream that has Bioest (a natural form of estrogen) as well as progesterone and testosterone. Also he suggested Strontium but there have been warnings about using Strontium so I have not started taking this. I have been walking with a weight vest as well and doing weight lifting exercises when I can. Any suggestions on the Vitamin K2 dose? Any thoughts on the use of Strontium in place of Calcium?

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I think Vitamin K2-7 is dosed in mcg and a book (by an MD) I have just read suggests a dose of around 180 mcg per day, or even more. No adverse effects have been recorded from taking this vitamin, so unlikely to overdose. Interested to see that you are using a weighted walking vest. I have one, too. What do you think of it? I also was interested in strontium until I considered the fact that the body prefers calcium and calcium is used in body processes besides bone building. I'm also learning tai chi.

I've read a couple of books about Vitamin K2. (Authors are Dennis Goodman and Kate Rheaume-Bleue.)


I just read something on this website that recommends 30 mg/day Vit K2 for people with osteoporosis: chriskresser.com/can-vitami...

(not sure how to put a link in a post). However, when I look to see what the K2 supplements have in them - the highest dose is 600 ucg.

I have used the vest quite a bit but it didn't seem to help my bone loss (at least in my vertebrae). I do my daily walks with it on but don't wear it in the house. However, at the same time I was using the vest I went on a vegan diet to try and lower my cholesterol and this probably didn't help my bones since I wasn't taking any calcium/vitamin D. I did Tai Chi for a while which helped with my stress levels but then it started bothering my knees so I stopped but I should try it again. I really enjoyed the first instructor I had but not the second one.


Chris Kresser doesn't seem to be distinguishing between Vitamin K2-4 and K2-7. The K2-4 has a much shorter half life in the body and higher doses taken more frequently are advised, so that is probably the form he means. The K2-7 lasts at least 24 hours in the body and can be taken at a much lower dose as it is more bioactive. Supplements for K2-7 are derived from natto, a Japanese soy food that is apparently inedible to most Westerners (and many Japanese, too). This makes it a good supplement for vegetarians and vegans as other sources of Vitamin K2 are animal based.

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Thanks HeronNS,

I have started taking 6 of the Webber K2/D3 capsules/day since I was on 6,000 IU of Vitamin D3 so that will give me 720 ug of the K2 which should be lots. The only drawback is the cost. I wonder if there is a way to eat Natto where you can hide the flavour. I just did a quick search and found there is a dried natto product that is tasty and also on amazon there is a dried product available and also a cookbook on how to make it.




The book I read Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox has quite a lot to say about natto. The author developed a recipe which she says she chokes down every couple of weeks. She started out determined to like natto - how bad could it be, she asked. Well, I gather it is pretty disgusting. I did look for it at my local organic store but they didn't (shall I say to my relief) seem to have any!


If you try it, let me know how it works out.


I will


Hi Bramwater - just wondering how things are with you? I'm feeling pretty well these days. :)


Hi HeronNS,

Yes, I am feeling very well since I am still on Prednisone 20 mg. I see the Rheumatologist next Tuesday and expect I will be started on the taper. We have a lot of weekend outings booked now for the winter so I am hoping I continue to be able to participate. I found some Vitamin K2 drops at the Supercentre and am using those now - 120 ug/day. Did you say you found a K2/K4 supplement? Haven't done anything further yet on the Natto.


Yesterday I mentioned natto to a friend of mine who spent part of her childhood in Japan. She recalled that it was totally disgusting, with a terrible smell. Another friend in the group has a son now living in Japan (Canadian born and raised) and apparently natto is one of his favourite foods. He finds it leaves a pleasant smoky aftertaste. His Japanese-born wife dislikes it. Go figure! These two friends of mine both said natto should be available at food stores that specialize in Asian foods, or I could check with a Japanese restaurant. The K2 supplement I'm taking is just 7, but my bones supplement has a mix of both 4 and 7. Of course I won't know if any of this is really working until next bone scan, which I will ask for in September (one year since first one). But all in all I think everything I'm doing is helping me feel better. I'm starting to reduce from 7 mg pred to 6.5. Fingers crossed. Happy New Year!


I found this article quite interesting. I would love to try some natto. ;)


I have read that you either like or loathe it! ;)


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