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What Vitamin Supplements

Hi I have osteoporosis and trying to decide what vitamins I should take - GP said 1000mg of Vit D - but what Vitamin D ? Any co-factors to go alongside Vit D? Thanks

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It almost certainly will be Vitamin D3. Don't know that they even sell D2 any more. Yes, get Vitamin K2 (not K1). If you are on any kind of blood thinner, but especially the warfarin type, you need to consult with your doctor, but that's the only caveat.

have a look at this:



Thank you


Your Consultant or GP should be prescribing these. Unless you pay for prescriptions & therefore it's cheaper to buy.

Have you ever had a blood test to check your levels of Vitamin D? If not, ask GP to do the test. If you are found to have a deficiency of severe deficiency you will need to be prescribed an initial Loading dose to be taken in split doses over 4 or 6 weeks. For a daily maintenance dose you would probably be prescribed 800 IU colecalciferol (D3). Mine is Desunin. Daily maintenance dose can be from 800 to 1000 IU depending upon the individual patient's conditions and needs. Sometimes as much as 2000 IU.

Look up the 'NICE Guidelines for treatment of Vitamin D deficiency ' also insufficiency .


I have had a blood test and it is low. But my GP said to just go an get 1000iu from chemist - but this is a maintainence dosage and not a loading dose as such - should i be on a higher dose to start with?

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This is a helpful site: vitamindcouncil.org/


Its a good idea to know the exact level of Vit D as there are conflicting views on what is 'low' or deficient. Also know there are two metrics used depending upon your country, nmol and pg/l. 'nmolx2.5=pg/l'. 50nmol is considered lower limit, while others say min should be 75nmol. Some people aim to be above 100nmol. As Vit D is not just important for bone health but also immune system and cognitive, some people aim for over 100nmol as this helps avoids colds and flu. As you said you are 'low' in Vit D so 1000iu will be low, though people need different amounts to raise their levels. My Vit D dropped when I was taking 1300-1600iu/day, I now take 5000iu/day plus sun exposure, will get tests done in next couple of weeks to see what 3 months of this has done (I feel my immune system is stronger). Vit K2 plus others Calcium, Mgnesium, Zinc. You will need to adopt a methodical approach to address osteo and its issues. Vit K2 critical to get Calcium into bones not into kidneys and blood vessels. If you are able you should also do weight bearing exercise. Start by defining the problem (osteo and what your t/z scores are etc), various test results (and more might be needed plus repeats). Drug options (last resort), diet, supplements, exercise, Dr second opinions, endocrinologist. Osteo will have a cause/s as it is a condition not a disease, might be poor diet, low Vit D, issues with endocrine glands, low testosterone etc. Some people only diagnose osteo if a low trauma fracture has happened, as the dxa machines margin for error is quite high.


How low was it?

Did you find the NICE guidelines?

Quote from guidlines - ' . . serum hydroxyvtaminD ( 25 [OH] D) less than 25 nmol/L treat for Vitamin D deficiency.


25 to 50 nmol/L treat for insufficiency ( and the person etc)

This is very much abbreviated so best to read whole article (it's lenqthy).

It does also say "Refer or seek specialist advice if (see above) and the person has . . . osteoporosis . .

Your GP should be treating you. It does seem as if you have been found to have insufficiency but you really need a print out of the actual result report.

I have seen recent results that are using different measures, which further complicates things.

I noticed that the NICE guidelines were last updated September 2018.


Do you know if you have had any of these tested :

PTH , Calcium, phosphate, magnesium ?

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Find out what your vit D level is. Otherwise you are guessing at what strength of D3 you need to take to reach a useful optimal blood level. I aim for about 150nmol/L

I prefer D3 in gel capsules and found the Drs Best brand of D3, which I buy from UK supplier called Bodykind, work for me. They are a reliable supplier and it’s usually free postage. I take 2000 IU in summer and 5000 IU in winter. I vary my dose the rest of the year depending on my blood level. I check my blood level twice a year.

I found my vit D blood level didn’t increase while on ‘dry’ D3 1000i IU tablets.

Always take D3 with a fat containing meal to aid adsorption.

Look closely at your diet. Are you eating sufficient Ca and protein containing foods. I find St. Helens Farm full Fat Goat yogurt is a good Ca source. 360mg of Ca per 150 g portion. We only need 1000 to 1200 mg of Ca a day and this is best obtained from a varied diet.

Protein is essential for both bone and muscle health.


I also take Easy Absorbed Mg bisglycinate from High Street Holland and Barrett. Usually 2 x 150 mg tablets a day. I usually wait to buy a few bottles when they are on offer. These don’t upset my guts.

I also take vit K2 mk7/4 and Cod liver oil for vit A retinol.

I suggest you read up about these before ordering any. You can waste an awful lot of money on supplements!

The book ‘Vitamin K2 and the Ca Paradox’ by Kate Rheaume Bleue is helpful.

Good luck

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Definitely vitamin D3

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