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Stubborn HCC patient with good news from docs, but still feeling awful

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My dad has been on Lenvima for a year now, had two Y90 infusions and the tumor has shrunk considerably but is still large at 13cm. The blood tests and the scans all show stability. The radiation oncologist said there's necrosis, I believe, or death of the tumor. All that being said, my dad feels awful still. Says he has pressure in the stomach area. The oncologist and his radiation oncology team says it's part of the disease but that is is "doing well," and should take Ibuprophen, Tylenol or even Percocet for what bothers him. He's not big into doing much to help himself so it is frustrating for my mother and I to deal with him. He's also not big into exercise, which we insist he does daily and sometimes he does a little walking, but most of the time he's laying in bed all day. It's very frustrating, especially when the doctors are telling him he's doing well! I asked him to ask onco. for medical marijuana that would perhaps improve his mood or give him some umpf to get up and out or something but the oncologist said he isn't big on that. I am not quite sure what I am looking for with this post, but wondering if anyone has tips on how to get out of this sorta rut he is in or if anyone has experienced similar?

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Feeling lousy all the time or even part of the time while in the fight for your life can make it tough to get out of bed lots of days. My advice would to be patient and positive with him (not that you aren’t, I don’t mean to make assumptions). Not knowing his age, mobility etc., ask him if he’d like to do anything special or go for drive, go pick up some flowers to put at his bedside, open the curtains and maybe seek the help of a therapist for all of you to talk to. I’m so sorry your dad has cancer, this is not an easy road to traverse and we all need someone to talk to for support at times. These suggestions may not seem groundbreaking but all of these things help me when I’m in a rut myself with my own cancer crap. I hope you can help him climb out of this funk and that he feels better soon. 💚

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Thanks so much for your reply. We can treat the cancer but not the stubbornness! It's maddening. He's 74 and stuck in his ways indeed. Wishing you all the best, Summergirl!

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