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Just had some results back and would like some advice please


Hi all, I saw my NHS endocrinologist on Dec 9, she ordered blood tests to check my TF as I told her I was self medicating. I was also booked in for an SST and ACTH to check on my adrenal function, due to my Addisons and because I was supposed to be having a consultation with my private endocrinologist tomorrow morning but he rang me this morning instead- completely blindsided me as I didn’t have the results to hand!

Could someone please have a look at my results and let me know how they are looking? Currently I’m on 75mcg L-T4 and 25mcg T3.

I also take Jarrows B-Right, magnesium l-threonine, AI B12 1.5mg daily, and of course I have to take my HC 20mg a day.

I fasted beforehand but there wasn’t enough time for me to stay of the b- complex for a week because the test was literally landed on me, I had a days warning, that means the biotin was probably higher than it should have been but when I spoke to the biochemist she said it was ok as long as they weren’t on 5mg or higher a day that the test would make a difference?? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Adrenal function tests

SST- Baseline <28nmol/L

Post 30 mins 39nmol/L

ACTH 3ng/L ref range 7-63ng/L between 7-10am

Baseline and ACTH collected at 9.45am

Still waiting for the results of my plasma renin and aldosterone, rang the lab this afternoon and it came back yesterday, they can’t give me the result directly, rang the surgery- no it’s not back! Erm 😒 yes it is, just been told by the lab it is on the CWS system, on hold almost 25 minutes before it cuts off and then I can’t get back through! Luckily I have a hospital appointment in the morning for my knee, my consultant is bloody lovely and brilliant, I’m sure I can get the result from her!! 😊🤞🏻

Anyway, here are my TFT’s

TSH 0.12 mU/L (0.3-4.40)

FT4 8.1 pmol/L (9.0-19.1)

FT3 4.6 pmol/L (2.9-4.9)

Can’t put my hands on the other results right now, they weren’t taking the exact same time but a week or so out- they should be ok, shouldn’t they? I will post them as soon as I find them. Am I over medicated now? I don’t feel it at all, in fact I feel like I could do with more, which I’m not sure but I just don’t feel quite right yet. Can any of you lovely people give me some insight please?

Thank you for reading my somewhat lengthy post. Shelley x

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