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Looking for support

Does anyone know some outlets for bereavement support? There is a surprising lack in my area. Churches have some but they are more like classes with a fee. I’m not especially interested in religious support. My situation of loss is pretty unique and I don’t know of anyone whose experienced anything similar. It’s isolating to feel that way. I try to talk about it with friends (as I am starting to open up more) but they never know how to reply. I get pity and “it’ll get better”. It really doesn’t. I’m at a point where I’ve accepted the fact that they passed but everything else is so conflicting and heartbreaking. I obsess over it some days. I’ve looked into their hospice but it is a program that hasn’t been maintained since 2012. What else is there?

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Hi Maea

Welcome to our Community.

You didn't mention whether you are UK or ?

You can receive Bereavement Counselling in the UK or attend in person, check out the support groups under pinned posts on the right hand side of the page. Home visiting is also available, online support groups, it's a matter of finding them and I agree, it's not easy!

Many of our members are or have experienced what you are going through, so please stay in touch, you'll receive lots of support here.

Take care



I’m in the US. South Dakota specifically.


Well yes, now I understand your problem. I am hoping that a member may be able to offer more specific support for your area Maea



Maea, I'm so sorry to learn you are struggling with your loss and feeling so isolated. Have you heard of the Samaritans? It is a support group who are prepared, and trained to listen, and very importantly, to hear of any emotional distress. I've looked them up, and there is a group in the USA, with a free phone number.

Wishing you well, and hoping you find the support and love you need. (((()))) x

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Hey Maea

For me, being isolated has added to my feelings of loss, etc. so I can appreciate what you are going through at this time.

I hope the link to the Samaritans that 1tuppence shared is a good contact for you at this time.

Finding someone to talk to on the phone has helped me in the past ... not the same as a friend or someone face to face yet a compassionate voice was good for me and hope you have found some one to talk to.

You mentioned that hospice is not happening in your area - too bad! - maybe you can try the Outpatient place at your local hospital ... the admin or nurses there might know of volunteers or other people who are involved in volunteer bereavement work ...

And, if there is some kind of 'meditation' groups in your area, there is a walking meditation practice. Some years back i did this walking meditation practice and it was really calming and helpful for me - especially when there was no one around for me to talk to about my feelings of loss, etc. Walking around and getting out and about in nature really helped me to shed tears and helped me to accept the losses on my own !

Maybe you can find some info on the internet that gives you more info about 'walking meditation' or mindfulness walking meditation ... Zen Buddhists also have walking meditation as part of their practice, too if you were interested in that.

For me, I've found grieving to be a very personal journey as most people i know do not feel comfortable talking about death and grief issues. Don't give up though Maea !

Hope some of these ideas are helpful.

Keep on keepin' on M - I am glad for being here at this site, HealthUnlocked - as this place has provided online support for me - when i have felt very isolated ... hope it can be that place for you, too, (if needed). realEyes


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