Loss of my Guinea pig Solo


I have some sad news my guinea pig passed away this morning He was put to sleep by the vets. I was dreadfully upset. the Staff were wonderful they looked after Solo And Comforted me. Solo was only ill last night i don't think he suffered.

I feel really upset about my baby i know it is not a human but he was my baby and i loved him.

Stafford (Staff)


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  • I'm very sorry to hear your news and as a fellow pet lover feel your pain. A loss is a loss whether human or animal the love is still just as real.

    Perhaps a little service for him may help you. Or perhaps to write a letter to him telling him how you feel and how much you'll miss him.

    I know my dogs hate to see me upset ( I have 3 dogs & 7 cats, I couldn't have kids so they are truly my babies ) And I'm sure Solo would hate you to be upset too. I'm also thinking I'm sure he was very grateful to have such a wonderfully loving owner that no doubt gave him the best of everything.

    Just in case you haven't heard about this here's a link to a very moving piece that may give you comfort of sorts. Just realised I'm on my tablet & need my lap top to do links, back in a mo.


  • Staff -- It was humane of you to have the vets ease Solo's pain. Perhaps in time, you will feel ready to care for another guinea pig or two. My daughter's family lost their guinea pig several months ago. Yesterday they felt ready to welcome another into their home. They now have two guinea pigs, one black and one white. May the days be healing for you.

  • Sorry to hear this news STAFFORD

  • Staff, I'm terribly sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you. The loss of a pet can be devastating. I'm still grieving for my dog who I had to put down over a year ago. I had had him for 16 years and grew up with him.

    Eventually the pain will ebb and you will feel ready to welcome another into your home. The new pet will never replace Solo, but they will provide companionship and comfort which can ease your pain.

  • HI

    Thank you for your kind message i am so sorry about your loss of your beloved pet It must have been so hard for you I cried like a baby this morning at home and at the vets i can't stop crying.

    I miss my loving Solo so much it feels strange without him.

    He was so cute and adorable.

    Thank you again


    Stafford (Staff)


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