Who's been the most supportive to you????

Who has been the most supportive to you, and in what ways were they helpful?

My husband has been my rock through losing my mum he's been through the worst with me and has been by my as side through it all. Even when I went through the angry stage he always comforted me and reassured me that he's always going to be there by my side and he has bless him everyone else who said they will be there never was I think in situations like this you find out who truly is there for you and sadly who isn't.

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  • Hi, various members of my family re. My partner. They have really stepped up.

  • That's nice to know that we are not alone in our grief I'm glad you have support because it helps in a big way.

  • In my case, my husband -- who had been supportive of me in my endeavors -- was the person who was ill. My greatest support came from one of my longtime friends whose husband died suddenly around the time the hospice social worker encouraged me to have my husband admitted to a skilled nursing facility. By sharing her story of her husband's brief illness and his death, my friend made me feel I would survive and recover from that happening to my husband. I had no support from my adult children because the husband I speak of was not their father, and only one of my children had met him. My children's fathers had died in 1959 and 2009 respectively.

  • Aww hunni I'm so sorry to hear that I'm happy you had some support.my daughter has become distant towards me too my husband isn't her natural father but he has been in her life since she was 2 years old she's now 20 years old he's nurtured her raised her as his own always been a brill dad figure to her she even calls him dad but has moved out and we never hear from her at all really...im just glad you had a friend in your time of need

    Love Nat xxx

  • Unfortunately no one, since the passing of my beloved husband.

  • Unfortunately no one really understands my lose of my beloved husband.

  • I DO BABY! I'm still here for you!

  • I know that abirke but mot people just don't get it :(

  • preachin' to the choir :$

  • HUH

  • Hi Auddonz

    No one can fully understand your loss, as it is different for every one of us as you know. What we can and do is empathise and support you. If you feel it would be helpful to write a longer post of your pain, then please do, it may help you and others to understand more.{{{Hugs}}}


  • TY Chloe

    ((Hugs back))


  • My kids. I have 3 and all have been very loving and supportive. They loved their dad and he loved them so we are all supporting each other.

  • I agree you definitely find out who will be there for you! My husband has been so supportive since I lost my dad. Although they did not have a relationship and at times my dad was not the friendliest with my husband (for no reason my dad could just be like this) my husband knew how much my dad meant to me. He helped me by listening. He just let me talk and talk when I needed to. And he let me cry and he didn't have to say anything just be there. I'm sure at times I was no fun and I'm sure he got sick of hearing about things but he was so supportive. Other friends & family have been too. But I will say I was disappointed in my best friend. She never really checked in with me after he passed. Not like I thought she would or like I would if her dad passed.

  • I'm sorry about your friend...they don't know what to say so they don't know say anything....However your husband sounds alot like mine....Infact the thing that led me to falling in love with him was his ability to listen.....after we were married, I try to encourage him to become a counselor.....never did but could have been such a good one.....


  • How nice, sounds like a good man.

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