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Migraine? Meningitis? Whatever it is i'm feeling lousy

I went to see the walk in Dr at the local hospital saturday before Easter as I'd had a real bad Migraine for 2 days that was not getting any better and any light was extremely painful in my left eye. My temp was 39.6 and i had a very stiff sore neck. I was blue lighted to the General Hospital where i stayed for 4 days. They did blood tests and said there was a virus in my blood and i had low potassium levels and a fast heartbeat?

They also wanted to do a Lumbar Puncture to confirm meningitis but i totally panicked and wouldn't have one. Im allergic to local anaesthertic! So, i was discharged with the diagnosis of migraine and given cocodamol. Ive been resting at home since but still have the headache 10 days later.

Im worried now as I've read in your newsletter that BD may cause meningitis and maybe i should have taken a risk with the anaesthetic.

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Funny enough I have been like this since saturday the week of Easter but haven't bothered to get. Necked out as I am sick of being told its just the BD and you'll be fine. I have been in bed since yesterday and do not feel any better. I'm off to see my cardiologist consultant tomorrow, lets see what she has to say.

I would so love to be normal again :(


Good luck for tomorrow, i hope you get some answers.

I try not to complain when people ask if im ok as i dont want to sound like a hypochondriac, but i know what you mean, oh to feel 'normal' again x.


Hi breaksy

It would be a good idea to get the lumber puncture done if you can handle it.

It can really knock you for 6 if you have got a bad virus or even meningitis which can affect you neurologicaly.

Don't want to frighten you but I had a really weired virus a few years ago and wasn't offered a lumber puncture. I ended up virtually in bed for over a year. Although I am better than I was then, I haven't been the same wouldn't want that on top of behcets.

The lumber puncture isn't as bad as it appears and is usually over with pretty quickly. Then they can get on and treat it.

Hope you feel better soon



Uhmmm.......Am I being thick here Hun ?

If they found that you had a virus when they took blood in the hospital then sending you home with just co-codimol and saying you have a migraine seems woefully inadequate doesn't it ?

I think I would be asking them what is this virus and what should I be taking in the way of medication to help sort it out. Surely the virus isn't going to just go away all on it's own is it ?

Maybe time for a rethink and reconsider the lumber puncture sweetie ! What do you think ?

I'm not sure if you really have any choice hun do you ?

Have a good think and act swiftly to start making yourself feel better.

tootles x :)


Keep in mind that if you ever had biologic drugs like Enbrel, Remicade, Humira, etc, you are more vulnerable to systemic fungal infections, including fungal meninigitis which is hard to diagnose without a lumbar puncture. Even regularly taking prednisone can increase your risk of these fungal infections.

Serious headaches, especially if you're feeling quite ill, your neck hurts, and the pain doesn't get better with medication, can be a sign of meningitis. Like another poster said, I never thought lumbar punctures were that bad, no worse than an I.V. insertion. And meningitis can be deadly if not treated aggressively. I'd choose the test.

I didn't go to the hospital until I passed out and was found unconscious at home. Diagnosis? Cryptococcal meningitis AND invasive pulmonary meninigitis secondary to immunosupression from Enbrel and prednisone.


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