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Supplements ive been tinkering with to help heal faster

Hey hi- miss sugar free over here- so ive been over doing it. I had wedding number four (been in weddings non stop since 2015) this past wkd, along with prepping for work inspection, and finally- prepping for thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. Sleep has been less and less and guess what- i paid for it BUT I ALSO EXPERIMENTED WITH SUPPLEMENTS AND HERES WHAT I FOUND!

Woke up with full blown bronchitis tuesday (monday i literally felt fine until bedtime- thought i was just tired). I usually get it once a year around the fall or winter time as i neglect my sleep. I also think the change on weather doesnt help. Im also very sure its BD related as literally NO ONE around me is sick with anything- nor do they catch what i have (aka me and the bf do kiss on the mouth just prior to me feeling miserable) So yay bd and bronchitis -theres a new revelation for yous.

Any hoo Coughing up green stuff: General malaise-check. This cant happen on my week of thanksgiving. As most of you say too- “ive got too much to do right now!” Guess what. Back burnered ALL THAT SHIT. I was supposed to clean etc. i did what i could and came to the horrible realization that i just may not be doing thanksgiving rhis year. Its okay. Put yourself first. On top of all that, i had taken off tuesday to care for My mother who was having eye surgery that morning. FML.

SO TUESDAY-popped 2 NAC (ill get into details at the bottom) and 2 zinc magnesiums. And of course good old mucinex (guafenasin and dextromethorphan) do the surgery thing. Mentally remind myself that me and my mother are both fucked (shes coming out of anesthesia and im driving) and i can not kill us both bc i have to be responsible. I tuck her in and go home and sleep immediately until bf comes home. Pop more Of the above medicine regiment above and begrudgingly pop into a holiday party that we agreed to go(theres alot around this and i know i sound hypercritical on this). We say hi and leave(5mins what a compromise!). Get pho for dinner. (Chicken broth for the win) hot shower (aka stand in hot water and contemplate) Eat more nac and zm. In bed by 8. Sleep until work next day.

WEDNESDAY- im exhausted. Still coughing. No phelm now. Redo medical regimen and goto work on one of the busiest days of the year. Hate my life. Im supposed to prep food tonight. HA. And some how by around 3 o clock i realized im feeling pretty normal. I cough only if i laugh too hard. Im tired but not miserable. I went home. Prepped food until 8. Bed. Nac and zm

Thursday- the day. Thanksgiving. Big deal here in usa. Woke up 730 to put turkey in and we ARE A OKAY. feeling good.

So all in all- a day of bronchitis? What a day and a half? Ive never. Anytime ive had it- coughing spell for two weeks. Miserable. Fatigue for days. This time i used NAC and zinc magnesium.

NAC, is a precursor thar helps makes glutathione. Glutathione gets depletes from your body in times of stress or immune response. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ADDING THIS TO YOUR DIET. its on amazon for cheap. Get the now foods brand.

Zinc magnesium is also great for inmune responses. Last i checked- research doesnt know the exact mechanism of how zinc helps- but it just does. Do it.

I don’t recommend pushing yourself through the holidays. Know your limits. I was ready to accept defeat and saw myself in bed. It is what it is. But- if you eat well and most importantly, sleep- as i keep pushing- it will help.

Tl;dr: NAC and zinc magnesium can help immune response. Along with sleep.

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Wow hectic! I tinker with supplements from time to time. If I take too many I sometimes get an overload phenomena & can’t work out which is causing it! I am currently trying a potassium-magnesium combo with my doctor’s approval... but not sure if I am tolerating it because at same time I started re-taking my SAMe for depression. Something is making my eyes more dry than usual & this is a side effect I’m not happy to tolerate.

So I’ll have to read the fine print on the labels & give it some thought.

Other things I take that I know I tolerate well are Vit E (to maybe help with fatty liver on advice of Gastroenterologist), a fish oil & CoQ10 combo to help with mitochondrial disorder/myopathy, Vit D3 to maintain a decent level for immune system & osteopaenia.

I also put flaxseed oil on my oats in the morning.

I usually take Vit C but have run out. My Integrative GP is considering treating me with IV Vit C to treat my Ross River Virus which is causing me debilitating symptoms on top of what I already had going on...

We are just repeating some viral serology first. Plus full blood count, ESR, CRP, IgG subset, T cell studies.

I have to drive my hubby to get his eyes checked by ophthalmologist re cataracts.

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Forgot to say I got diagnosed with paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation & my Potassium was low at the time. I’d prefer to get it from food than take a supplement but just trialling things at the moment.

Good that you stopped the bronchitis in it’s tracks with taking NAC. I have taken that in the past. Must get some more.

Zinc I am in two minds about as I am carrier of Haemochromatosis & zinc can lead you to accumulate iron. Though I know zinc is good for immune system.


I similarly, was low in magnesium in a flare at one time. My dr was ready to prescribe something and i asked which foods off the bat do i need to put in my diet to supplement. She laughed and said thats never happened before. People usually opt for the pill. Haha

Thanks so much for your input. Good to know! :)

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Yep- vitamin d every so often as most women are low anyways. I also just got started on flaxseeds. They are a great source of omega threes too.

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