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Do others experience nausea and vomiting as a symptom of BD??

I suspect that I've had BD since childhood. Mouth ulcers, GI issues, migraines,skin ulcers, etc. First bad flare right now since almost 10 years ago. Was formally diagnosed 2 yrs ago. Tried many meds to no avail and now on plaquenil and enbrel, pain meds, gravol, etc. Nausea almost daily, occaisionally accompanied by vomiting( that gives almost no warning). I'm starting to think this is a BD symptom and not a med side effect? As I am recalling episodes of same in childhood and between major flares. Of course profuse sweating when at rest ,night sweats and painful joints also present. It will be a year in October that this is going on...never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I would be off work because of BD and not getting things under control by now.Looking to see if anyone has this N and V as a symptom also? As well that no one knows what you go through on a daily basis because you look ok on the outside-hoping to get insight from others. Any helpful hints for symptoms or for quieting this BD that has taken over? I look forward to your responses :)

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Hi hunni. I always remember feeling sick and vomiting as a child most mornings. I was 9 when i began with lesions and bowel bd ulceration joints etc. I was treat as if i had crohns as they new it wasnt crohns as the ulcers did notmatch but they were stumped. I was properly diagnosed at 24 years old. I have had treatments right through to Campath just 2 weeks ago and feeling really bad. My best med was infliximab 4 weekly it was a miracle drug but i grew immune after 2 years. I.have been hospitalised all my life for the vomiting fed by tpn and peg tube due to vomiting so much. It is def a bd symptom.


Hi there, I have been I'll now for 16 years but only developed N&V last Christmas.

I take a drug called Domperidone and find it helps a great deal.

It was quite a shock when I found myself suddenly needing to reach a sink and/or fresh air when eating a Christmas meal.

Felt really bad as my Mum (who has bad OA) put a lot of effort into cooking Christmas dinner :-(

Anyway, as long as I keep taking the tablets, its not happened again......

Hope this info is useful,



I have been prescribed domperidone as well and it helps for a whole realm of problems including feeling nauseous. For instance it also helps feelings of nausea and for stomach peralersis [sorry spelling] when it doesn't empty quickly enough and also for reflux problems. I have swallowing problems and food doesn't transit through the digestive system very well and so I was prescribed it for this....but I noticed that it does have side effects of it's own such as electrolyte imbalances.

I was thinking that perhaps you could be dehydrated...what with the heat and everything.....everyone knows me now as having a bit of an obsession with this matter. I have always been a drinker of water and yet still suffered for some time with nausea and vomiting, only found out recently it is a symptom of dehydration and drinking water doesn't always touch the parts [if you know what I mean].

I don't know if you have regular blood tests with your medication but it may well be worth asking the Dr if you can have an electrolyte blood test.

worth a try and hope this helps



Another domperidone junkie - you can buy it OTC here in England (can't remember where you are) as Motilium. Mostly I suffer with nausea only and don't vomit often - although I do go through phases. I wasn't sure if it was BD either but it seems like it might be :-/


Hi, yes I sometimes suffer with sickness/nausea feeling which can last for over a week at a time and occasionally with dizziness too so I take prescribed medication which does help although the nausea feeling seems to run its course and then I will improve. I have noticed recently that this can also happen when eating a meal it happens very suddenly and I have to leave the table retching which is horrible...xxxx


Likewise! I could never understand why - the worst culprit seems to be chicken, yet it is so bland and inoffensive!


When I'm in a major flare I get headaches and am very sick . I don't mean to sound dramatic but it feel like I'm poisoned . I shake my temperature goes up and as I said I vomit . It's interesting reading other posts , I too was always vomiting and had headaches throughout my childhood . Hope you find an answer .


I also have frequent nausea and headaches. Zofran keeps me from vomiting. CaffErgot keeps the headaches tolerable.


I REALLY appreciated all of the feedback to my original question on nausea and vomiting. It makes me realize that how complex BD is and how it affects so many different areas of your body. From this site , I also understand that the difficulty urinating is common too. I feel better knowing that these symptoms are not only experienced by me and also are not necessarily side effects of medications. Thanks again :)


Hi, I had a bit of a break from the forum and must have missed your urinary questions. I now have to self-catheterise 3 or 4 times a day - it's not as horrid or dramatic as it sounds and it has turned my life around. Before, because the pee was staying in my bladder for so long, I was plagued with UTIs and they really were my most feared symptom. Nowadays I get the occasional infection which is cleared within 24 hours with sensible antibiotic use and fastidious 'emptying' with a catheter.


Yes. And anti nausea tablets have not worked. I do have pancreatitis and some sort of IBD...and easily dehydrated from Diabetes Insipus....I use cyclizine injections IM for the nausea, esp at night.


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