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Hi all, I'm a currently a student dental hygiene/therapist and also a BD sufferer. In my second year of uni I have to undertake a research project, I have chose to do it on BD and the impact it has to sufferers oral health. Would anyone be willing to complete an anonymous questionnaire on this to aide my research? Please. I really want to highlight BD to the dental care professionals as they may be the first to see the symptoms

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  • I'm happy to do it!

  • Excellent thank you! I will pop the link up to it (can be done online) or I can email it over to people. Whichever is best for you

  • I'm more than happy to as well :)

  • I'm quite happy to help you. The more we can raise awareness the better. x

  • would like to help

  • Hi I don't mind would you email please.


  • I'm more than willing

  • I'm also happy to do it :)

  • I would be more than happy to! X

  • Thank you so much everyone! If you could send me your emails I will send the questionnaire over to you all ASAP! I am also writing an article for the BD society newsletter including the questionnaire, just in case you see it!

  • I'm happy to do this - anything that helps.

  • Happy to help

  • Yes i would like to do it,be so good for others to understand.

  • I will have no problem completing, just let me know how. Mouth ulcers have ruled my nearly all my lifexx

  • I am happy to help.

  • I am more than happy to help,

    It is fantastic that you are doing your research project about Behcets Disease.

    Clare x

  • I am quite happy to help you.

    Suzanne x

  • Sure, I would be happy to answer a questionaire concerning the effects of Behcet's on oral hygiene. I believe that Behcet's can cause many more problems than just the painful, horrible ulcers we all relate to. I'm willing to help if this could increase dentists awareness and understanding of this disease.

    My email,

  • Yes, thank u!

  • I would be happy to complete your questionnaire if I'm not too late.

  • Thank you so much to everyone so far! There is no deadline as such, I have to submit my research by the end of October! The more people that take part the better really, thank you again!

    I will get the emails out ASAP, I haven't sent any yet as I'm having a flare myself and trying to get through the bank holiday weekend with my 3 year old and BD as you all know is difficult 🙈


  • I would love to help! Not keen on putting my email public so could you post the link online? Or message it to me? Thanks

  • Hi that's ok, I have posted the link in the post itself now, but here it is too:

  • Hi everyone I have got authorisation to send my questionnaire out so here is the link...

    Thank you in advance

  • Done!

  • Happy to complete. Could you send a load of questionnaires to the Centres of excellence to see if they will be happy to distribute them on their clinic days? Patients usually have time there in between seeing different doctors in clinic. I am sure the more responses the better ( though more work for you to analyse!)

    good luck

  • I approached the centre of excellence unfortunately the hospitals procedure for things like this is not that straight forward so it would take months to be able to get the questionnaires into the hospitals :-(

  • Hi, I haven't been on here for a few days and am just catching up, I'd be willing to help. I'm grateful for you raising awareness of BD in the dental profession. X

  • Hi, if you are still needing volunteers to do this I'd be happy to contribute.

    Thanks Steven x

  • Hi Steven, yes please the more responses I can get the better evidence I have for my research! The link is

    It should only take a few minutes to complete, thank you

  • im happy to do this. I am a dental nurse and it was one of the dentists who suggested it was some kind of immune problem I had, way before my long travel to diagnosis. It would be great if more dental proffesionals were clued up to this condition

  • Hi, thanks for your response! The questionnaire link is:

    It should only take a few minutes to complete

  • I'm happy to help,suffering for 4 yes waiting on diagnosis email is

  • Hi, all the best for your survey. Have just completed it online.

    Cheers Lesley

  • Thank you very much

  • Sorry for late reply, im happy to do it. Ive had to have gum graphs due to the ulcers eating away at my gums etc etc. if you could send it me via email I would be more than happy to help you, my email is

    Many thanks


  • Sorry for late reply I have only just seen your post. I am happy to do this, I have had BD since 1998 and amongst various treatments etc I have had to have gum graphs due to the ulcers eating away at my gums. If our still looking for people my email is

    Take care


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