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Flu Vacinations

Hi All,

Just wondering if anybody get Flu and pneumonia vaccinations? I have been advised by my rheumatologist and GP, however I really don't even really like to take all of the meds that I am currently and I know lots of people who get these vaccinations and end up very ill from the very thing that they were supposed to vaccinated against......anybody willing to share their thoughts and experiences as I am a little scared either way!



PS by the way, I live in Brisbane, Where the winters are mild compared with UK, but it still gets cold for me as I have lived in Australia since I was 4 with a few visits back to the UK over the last 40years.....

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Mine was thought to cause a major behcet's flare the winter before last so haven't had flu vaccine since. My behcet's specialist felt the injection was likely to be the trigger.


I have flu vaccine every year and have had no problems. The pneumonia is a one off and again I had no problems.


Hi no I never have them even though I am offered each year now that I am a pensioner. Reasons much as yourself, why fix it if it isn't broken. Even when I was younger and still teaching Primary I didn't take them. But attitudes and health/safety etc nowadays is very different to when I was young. You know your own body and whether you are cold/flu prone.

Hope this helps, you will probably get many differing viewpoints. Just listen to your own guidance.




I have the flu injection every year and have had no bad reactions. Also the pneumonia jab is a one off and I had no adverse reaction to that either.


I also have the flu injections every year and haven't had any reaction as far as I know.

I did have pneumonia a couple of winters ago and ended up under Intensive Care assistance. It took me a very long time to get over having the pneumonia and the flare of neuro-behects that followed because my system was so low.

People who are immune suppressants are advised to have them because our Immune Systems are so low that if we catch flu and it can progress to pneumonia very easily and be very serious. I was told they thought I could have died if I hadn't had the Injections.

I know it doesn't stop you from getting flu or pneumonia but apparently it can be a lot worse without the injections

Think I would still rather risk the Jab than having another dose of that again.


I have mine every year and all is fine. If you do get it just make sure it is not a live virus vaccine, that way you should be ok xx


I have mine every year too and don't have any problems. C x


Hi, I had the pneumonia vaccination in September 2013, if was the worst thing. I had a reaction where my upper arm doubled in size and burning hot. I couldn't move my arm at all. I had to be bathed and dressed. The pain was unbearable, fever, high temperature. Had more ulcers and BD systoms. Took me a month to get over it. The doctor said he'd never seen a reaction like it before and the nurse who vaccinated me said the same. Did it happen to me beacsuse I have BD, or could I have just have been very unlucky!

My yearly flu jabs are ok, although when I had to received two within a week I wasn't.

Hope this helps a little, it just what happened to be and I'm told it doesn't usually.



Me too - have flu vaccination every year with no problems. As Laura says, make sure it is not a live virus vaccine.

I was once given a homeopathy which is supposed to counter the negative effects of flu vaccinations - your pharmacist might be able to find it for you


Thanks for all for the reply ' seems that I will be heading to the GP as we have our own business I really can't afford to be ill darling wife does it hard enough as it is!



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