Accidents do happen

Hi All, Thursday 25 July started off really well. Up early, put on my best togs and excited as it was my youngest sons Graduation Ceremony. I drove and picked up his lovely girlfriend on route to Surrey Uni. The actual ceremony took place in the Cathedral and it so beautiful. Afterwards we had Champagne and canopies in the grounds with marquees and lovely arrangements. Then we set off to meet one of his brothers in Aldershot and all went for a meal to celebrate. What a perfect day until......

I tripped/ fell on the last step down. I had fallen on my already badly damaged ankle ( from a previous accident). Luckily one of sons has done first aid and took hold of the situation quickly but had to call for backup. The ambulance took me to nearest hospital for a scan. Thankfully no more breaks but badly bruised, swollen and tendon damage. Everybody was very kind especially the lady from a pub who rushed out with ice and towel and offered me a Brandy.....I don't drink and politely refused....which brought black looks from the family as they would have loved one lol lol . Anyway I'm home and now walking around the house gingerly, barefoot as non I can't fit into any of my footwear.

QUESTION........what would you do in my position. We found that the bottom step had a few chips and this is what was responsible for my ankle going over. Do I contact that Council to make them aware 1) So that it does not happen to others.. 2). It will obviously take quite some time to heal. 3) it will also take its toll on my spine problems which may not show immediately. HELP. Some family and friends say leave well enough alone. Some tell the Concil and take it from there. And others I should look for compensation. As I am too soft and didn't do anything about original accident which almost cost me said foot.

Any advice will be taken on board to help in my final decision.

Thanks for listening.


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  • Hi Billi what a wonderful day you were having until your mishap! Ouch! I did similar injury that was covered by worker's comp insurance.

    If I were you I would contact council & take it from there. They will have insurance for such things. As you say, the defect in the step needs repairing too.

    I cannot fault the care I received from my Physio & a specialist. Had lot of ice & ultrasound in the beginning to encourage healing. Had two more falls trying to use crutches :( . Found I needed a wheelchair at home for quite a few weeks.

  • Thanks for reply, you are right this could take some time to heal and repercussions could last forever. Will really think about it over this weekend.


  • Hi Billi you can always make contact and as you go along make your decissions. If you dont then it is lost forever and in some cases cant go back, throw into the mix you dont know how you are going to be and what you might need. Think you should make contact get the step fixed and just see what is said but make sure you state how bad you are. sharron xx

  • Thanks glad I took a few days to think it over and have ha d some positive feedback from you guys. Yeh I will be in touch with the council tomorrow and take it from there. My foot is still very swollen and obviously with not walking properly is taking its toll on my back.



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