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Change of meds at Christmas!!

Hi all, not been great since the lumbar puncture and my visit to the Rheumatologist ended in a change of the imuran for two weeks and then on to methotrexate.

I thought I was bad on the imuran but God what a flare up I am having now!!

I can't believe that I was daft enough to agree to doing it now at Christmas time..I need my head examined..ah wait have an appointment for that very thing MRI in February lol

I have to go and do some shopping so just in case you do not hear from me again before Christmas you will know what has happened to me!!

Have a great Christmas and may 2013 be your best year yet xx

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Big love Ruth - you'll be just fine m'dear xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hello ruthbalbirnie;

Have to keep your spirits up mentally. I hope the new year in your life the way you want, such as medication is changed. Pain, joy and happiness into place in 2013 patients with Behçet's wish, such as every thing wants to get your heart's content.

Wishing you a healthy life;


Take care Ruth

Hope these medications work for you and the flare doesn't go on too much

Happy christmas to you :)


Happy Christmas Ruth.

I hope everything calms down and things are not so bad by Christmas. Perhaps the merriment of the season will carry you through the flare.

Best wishes, with hugs and kisses, Suzanne.


Oh poor you!

Happy Christmas

Love and hugs

Angela x


Bless you, hopefully you will feel well for the big day.

Happy Christmas. C x x


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